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Viral Transduction

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Purification of Adeno-Associated Viral Particles from Virus-Producing Cells: AAVpro Purification Kit (AAV2)

The purity of adeno-associated virus (AAV) particles is important for achieving stable and effective transduction into individual animals and cultured cells. When introducing genes into animals (in vivo transduction) using AAV, it is necessary to use highly-purified particles that do not contain any residual virus-producing cells or impurities from the culture medium. In addition, when transducing cultured cells, purification of AAV particles eliminates potential negative effects of impurities.

Methods such as cesium chloride concentration gradient ultracentrifugation or iodixanol ultracentrifugation are commonly used to purify AAV2 particles, but such methods are time-consuming and require careful technique to obtain high yields. The AAVpro Purification Kit (AAV2) uses a column-based purification system to quickly and easily purify AAV2 particles from virus-producing cells. Use this kit after virus preparation with the AAVpro Helper Free System to generate high yields of highly pure, transduction ready AAV2 particles.

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  • A unique AAV vector extraction method (patent pending) that eliminates the need for ultracentrifugation
  • Kit includes all reagents needed to purify AAV particles from vector-producing cells
  • Column purification yields transduction-ready AAV particles
  • Preparation method that reduces dsDNA contamination even without nuclease treatment


  • AAV2 particle purification from virus-producing cells

Additional Product Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the User Manual for protocols. The Certificate of Analysis and User Manual are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
6232 AAVpro® Purification Kit (AAV2) 2 Preps $348.00 License Statements


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