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siRNA Transfection Reagent—Xfect

Efficient siRNA transfection is especially critical because even if your siRNA oligos are well designed and have great knockdown kinetics, your experiment is bound to fail if you are not able to deliver those siRNAs into a high percentage of the cell population.

Xfect siRNA was Developed Specifically for siRNA Delivery

Unlike many other transfection reagents which were originally designed for plasmid delivery, and then sold for siRNA transfections, Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent was specifically created for siRNA delivery. Rather than compromising on a general-purpose reagent, we designed the Xfect siRNA Polymer to bind very efficiently to small double-stranded oligos such as siRNA.

Transfection using Xfect siRNA Transfection reagent routinely leads to higher transfection efficiency and higher rates of gene silencing than transfection using Product L, the current most popular transfection reagent.

Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent Will Not Kill Your Cells

High siRNA delivery rates combined with high viability of transfected cells means you can have more confidence in the validity of your data:

  • siRNA is delivered into a high percentage of your cells via to Xfect technology, which creates biodegradable nanoparticles when combined with siRNA
  • Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent has a very low cytotoxicity profile—for example, we routinely measure 100% viability for HeLa cells

No Optimization Required: No Need to Try Different Oligo to Transfection Reagent Ratios

Clontech already knows that for best results on a 24-well plate, you should use 30 picomoles of siRNA combined with 4 µl of transfection reagent. There’s no need to waste time ‘reinventing the wheel’ by testing multiple different combinations. This means that the reagent is very simple to test, and you can easily compare to your current method for siRNA delivery.

In addition to eliminating optimization, the transfection protocol is very simple. Everything you need is included in the kit (e.g., no requirement for OptiMEM) and transfection of siRNA can be carried out entirely in the presence of serum.

Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent is Easy to Share

Because the 1,000 reaction kit is split into 4 sets of 250 reactions, Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent is easy to share. If you purchase a kit you can give your less-than-careful colleague his/her own 250 reaction kit without fear of contaminating your own samples.

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  • Transfection of siRNA oligos for gene knockdown by RNA interference


Xfect siRNA Transfection Polymer4 x 1 ml
Xfect Reaction Buffer4 x 24 ml

Additional Product Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631331 Xfect™ siRNA Transfection Reagent 1,000 Rxns $233.00 License Statements


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