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Transfection & Cell Culture

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Xfect Single Shots Simplify your transfection to just one step. Xfect Single Shots are pre-aliquoted, lyophilized and are ready to use right out of the tube. Just add your DNA, vortex and apply to a single well of a 6-well plate (Midi) or a single 10 cm dish (Maxi). Xfect Single Shots are serum-compatible, have a low cytotoxicity profile and transfect a broad range of cells with high efficiency.
Xfect Transfection Reagent for Plasmid Transfection Increase your transfection efficiency to the level you need without killing your cells. Xfect is a biodegradable transfection polymer, screened from a pool of 2,300 candidates for its very low cytotoxicity profile and high transfection efficiency. Xfect is recommended for most cell types.
Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Transfection Reagent High-efficiency transfection of plasmids into mouse embryonic stem cells. Better efficiency than the leading competitors; superior gene expression in mES cells.
Calcium Phosphate Transfection Reagent High efficiency and dependable results. Due to its highly consistent pH and salt concentration, this kit provides reliable transfection efficiencies that you can’t always achieve with home brew calcium phosphate buffers.
siRNA Transfection Reagent Provides excellent knockdown. Many siRNA transfection reagents were designed for plasmid delivery and then sold for siRNA transfection. The Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent was specifically created and optimized for siRNA delivery, so it provides better results.
MicroRNA Transfection Reagent Optimized for transfection of small RNAs. Suitable for miRNA transfections alone, or together with plasmid DNA. Also works well for transfecting messenger RNA.
Protein Transfection Reagent Protein transfection is extremely rapid, because it bypasses cellular processes such as transcription and translation (1–2 hr compared to 18–48 hr). This makes it ideal for studies of transient effects of proteins. It also eliminates the possibility of harmful, random DNA integration into target cells’ genomes.

We also offer lentiviral, retroviral, and adenoviral gene delivery systems!

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