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Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagents

Why use the Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent?

  • It’s effective—get better knockdown than with the leading competitor
  • It’s easy—no optimization necessary
  • It’s nontoxic—Xfect won’t kill your cells

Having good siRNA oligos is not enough. If you can’t deliver those siRNAs effectively, your experiment will fail. Xfect technology delivers siRNAs into a high percentage of your cells and has a very low cytotoxicity profile. Better yet, it’s pre-optimized so you don’t have to waste time on preliminary experiments.

Effective Gene Silencing

Many siRNA transfection reagents were designed for plasmid delivery and then sold for siRNA transfection, so they aren’t really optimized for siRNA transfection. The Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent was specifically created for siRNA delivery—so it provides better results.

Xfect siRNA transfection reagent transfects siRNA oligos better than Product L

High Viability

The Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent was developed to maintain a very low cytotoxicity profile while delivering high rates of gene silencing. Don’t hesitate to transfect—your cells will survive it! (We routinely measure 100% viability for HeLa cells.)

siRNA transfection with Xfect showing viability and siRNA-mediated knockdown

Simple Protocol

Many siRNA transfection reagents require you to pre-test different ratios of siRNA oligo to reagent. But not the Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent—we’ve pre-determined the best ratio for any size of plate or dish, so you can skip the preliminaries and get started with your experiment!

Take the guesswork out of siRNA transfection with the Xfect reagent
Culture vessel Surface area/well Growth medium Xfect reaction buffer volume siRNA Xfect siRNA transfection polymer volume
96-well plate 0.3 cm2 100 µl 2 x 20 µl 4.5 pmol 0.6 µl
24-well plate 2 cm2 500 µl 2 x 50 µl 30 pmol 4 µl
12-well plate 4 cm2 1 ml 2 x 80 µl 60 pmol 8 µl
6-well plate 10 cm2 2.5 ml 2 x 200 µl 150 pmol 20 µl
60-mm dish 20 cm2 5 ml 2 x 400 µl 300 pmol 40 µl
10-cm dish 60 cm2 15 ml 2 x 1.2 ml 900 pmol 120 µl

Visit the Documents tab of the Xfect siRNA Transfection Reagent product page to download the User Manual and other documentation.

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