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Transfection & Cell Culture

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Cell Lines Transfected with the Xfect Reagent

Cell Lines Transfected with the Xfect Reagent

We have satisfied customers who report using Xfect for the following cells and cell lines.


BHK-21, BJ fibroblasts, chick fibroblasts, COS-7, HT1080, mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEF), NIH3T3, Rat2, swiss mouse embryonic fibroblasts

Epithelial Cells

16HBE, A431, A549, As4.1, B16-F10, BEAS-2B, BSC1, Caco-2, EpH4, H1299, HaCaT, HC11, HEK-293, HEK-293T, Hepa 1-6, hOSE, HT-1080, HT-29, lens epithelial cells (human), MCF7, MDCK, mpkCCD, NMuMG, T-47D, WRL 68

Endothelial Cells

Aortic endothelia (human), HUVEC, myoendothelia (human)

Bone Cells

MC3T3, U2-OS

Colon Cells

Caco-2, HT-29

Immune Cells

Jurkat, DC2.4, K-562, NALM-6, RAW 264.7, RBL-2H3, SupT1

Kidney Cells

293FT, As4.1, BHK-21, B-S-C1, COS-7, HEK-293, HEK-293T, mpkCCD, renal proximal tubules (mouse)

Liver Cells

Hepa 1-6

Lung Cells

16HBE, A549, BEAS-2B, H1299

Muscle Cells

C2C12, aortic smooth muscle (human), cardiomyocytes (primary rat), myoblasts (primary human), smooth muscle cells (primary human)


SH-SY5Y, HEI-193 (human Schwann), astrocytes (primary mouse)

Stem Cells

hADSC (adipose), hMSC (mesenchymal), mesenchymal progenitor, P19

Reproductive Organs

CHO, EpH4, HC11, HeLa, hOSE, LbT2, MCF7, NMuMG, PC3, T-47D

Visit the Documents tab of the Xfect Transfection Reagent product page to download the User Manual and other documentation.

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