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Transfection-Grade Plasmid Preparation

One of the biggest contributors to a reduced transfection efficiency is the use of a low-quality plasmid with poor purity and low concentration. Nucleobond Xtra uses next-generation anion exchange chromatography to provide the highest purity for your plasmid preps along with high yield, this is why Nucleobond Xtra is recommended by Takara Bio for all transfections. Additionally, the silica material and the included column filter are engineered to provide the highest flow rates so you'll have your transfection-grade, large-scale, premium-purity plasmid in minutes. Pair with our innovative Xfect Single Shots transfection reagent for highest transfection efficiencies in a broad range of cells.

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  • Perform anion-exchange purification for transfection-grade plasmid DNA preparation
  • Endotoxin-free (EF) option for your most sensitive cells
  • 250 μg transfection-grade plasmid from 100 ml overnight culture (Midi)
  • 1,000 μg from 300 ml overnight culture (Maxi)
  • High flow rates for speedy prep—Midi prep in approximately 30 min, Maxi prep in 35 min
  • Plus kits contain NucleoBond Finalizers to speed up DNA precipitation
  • 50 and 100 prep midi kits are also available
  • 50 and 100 prep maxi kits are also available
  • Also try Xfect Single Shots


  • Plasmid transfection

Offers Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740410.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Midi 10 Preps $100.00
740412.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Midi Plus 10 Preps $121.00
740414.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Maxi 10 Preps $231.00
740416.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Maxi Plus 10 Preps $254.00
740420.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Midi EF 10 Preps $151.00
740422.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Midi Plus EF 10 Preps $189.00
740424.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Maxi EF 10 Preps $324.00
740426.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Maxi Plus EF 10 Preps $383.00


Recommended Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631366 Xfect™ Single Shots (Midi) 96 Rxns $369.00 License Statements

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