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Stem Cell Culture Media Selection Guide

Controlling the behavior of your stem cells to ensure stemness or to efficiently stimulate differentiation along a particular lineage can be challenging. Clontech offers a range of media and supplements for the derivation, maintenance, and expansion of embryonic stem (ES), induced pluripotent stem (iPS), embryonic germ (EG), and neural stem (NS) cells. Additionally, we offer products for the differentiation of ES and NS cells into neurons and mesenchymal stem (MS) cells into osteoblasts. Use the tables below to select the right media and supplements for your cell type and use.

Maintenance Media

These serum-free products are ideal for ES, EG, and iPS cell culture.

Product Species Cell Type* Includes
Culture Matrix
Feeder Free,
Cellartis DEF-CS 500 Culture System
[Cat. No. Y30010]
Human iPS X X
Cellartis DEF-CS 500 Xeno-Free Culture Medium
[Cat. No. Y30040]
Human iPS   X
[Cat. No. Y40020]
Rat ES and EG    
[Cat. No. Y40030]
Human, Mouse ES and iPS   X
[Cat. No. Y40010]
Mouse ES   X
[Cat. No. Y40040]

Human ES   X
*ES: embryonic stem; EG: embryonic germ; iPS: induced pluripotent stem

Differentiation Media

These products promote ES and NS cell differentiation along the neural lineage.

Product Species Cell Type* Details
NDiff 227
[Cat. No. Y40002]
Mouse ES Neural differentiation; contains N2 and B-27
[Cat. No. Y40001
Human, Mouse NS Propagation and cell-type specific differentiation; contains growth factors
[Cat. No. Y40001]
Human, Mouse NS Basal formulation of RHB-A; does not contain growth factors or neuronal supplements
*ES: embryonic stem; NS: neural stem


The NDiff product line allows for the derivation, maintenance, and expansion of ES and NS cells as well as their differentiation into the neural lineage. The Osteoblast-Inducer Reagent promotes the differentiation of bone marrow-derived and adipose-derived MS cells into osteoblasts.

Species Cell Type* Serum Free, Defined Animal free Product
Human, Mouse ES and NS
to Neural lineage
X   NDiff N2
[Cat. No. Y40100]
X X NDiff N2-AF
[Cat. No. Y40110]
Mouse, Rat, Rabbit MS to
X   Osteoblast-Inducer Reagent (for animal cells)
[Cat. No. MK430]
*ES: embryonic stem; NS: neural stem; MS: mesenchymal stem


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