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Human mitochondrial to nuclear DNA ratio kit

The Human  Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Monitoring Primer Set is designed to quantify the  relative number of copies of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) using nuclear DNA (nDNA) content as a standard by real-time PCR. This kit contains primer pairs for the amplification of four regions: two primer pairs for detecting mtDNA and two primer pairs for detecting nDNA. These primers will not amplify pseudogenes. As the primers are human-specific and will not amplify DNA from mice, human mtDNA content can be monitored in iPS cells or other cells cultured with feeder cells of mouse origin. This allows the Human  Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Monitoring Primer Set to be used in drug discovery applications where induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are used as a source of differentiated liver cells, since hepatocytes have a higher ratio of mtDNA to nuclear DNA than pluripotent cells.

Using the  four primer pairs in this set for real-time PCR, relative quantification of mtDNA is determined from the difference in Ct values for mtDNA and nDNA. This  product provides a simple method for monitoring changes in the mtDNA copy number as mtDNA has been reported to increase during differentiation of pluripotent cells, such as iPS cells, into hepatic cells. The primer pairs in this set are compatible with our qPCR master mixes.

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  • Includes primer sets for detection of two mtDNA targets (ND1, ND5) and two nDNA targets ( SLCO2B1, SERPINA1)
  • Specific to human mtDNA; primer sets will not amplify psuedogenes
  • Designed for use with our qPCR master mixes


  • Monitoring differentiation of hepatocytes induced from iPSC lines
  • Quantifying ratio of human mtDNA to human nuclear DNA


ND1 Primer Mix (10 µM each)
50 µL
ND5 Primer Mix (10 µM each)
50 µL
SLCO2B1 Primer Mix (10 µM each)
50 µL
SERPINA1 Primer Mix (10 µM each)
50 µL


-20°C. Use within 1 year.

If using product repeatedly within the span of 1 month, store at 4°C. However, take care to avoid contamination as this product does not contain preservatives.

Data Analysis

To aid data analysis, please download and use the mtDNA_Copy_Number_Calculation tool (Excel spreadsheet) available on this web page (click on the Resources tab, then expand the Technical Notes drop-down menu).


Yue, Y., et al. (2012) Hepatocyte-like cells differentiated from human induced pluripotent stem cells: Relevance to cellular therapies. Stem Cell Research 9:196.

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7246 Human Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Monitoring Primer Set 50 Rxns $273.00



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