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RT-PCR Primers to Analyze Hepatocyte Differentation

PrimerArray Hepatic Differentiation (Human) is a set of real-time RT-PCR primers for the analysis of the expression of genes associated with hepatocyte differentiation. The array contains primer pairs optimized for real-time RT-PCR for the analysis of 88 pluripotency markers, endoderm markers, and liver cell markers and 8 housekeeping genes. When comparing an unknown sample to a control sample, gene expression differences can be expressed using the relative quantification method. Data analysis is aided by use of the PrimerArray Analysis Tool for Hepatic Differentiation, available for download under the Resources tab on this web page.

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  • RT-PCR primers arrayed in 96-well plate allows  rapid assessment of induction and differentiation of pluripotent cells  into hepatocytes
  • Minimizes pipetting and reduces error
  • Enables high-throughput analysis of agents affecting hepatocyte differentiation
  • Optimized for superior performance with SYBR Ex Taq qPCR kits
  • PrimerArray Analysis Tool makes data analysis easy
  • Compatible with all standard real-time PCR instrument systems


  • Monitoring hepatocyte differentiation/induction
  • Screening for expression of hepatocyte cell marker genes in response to conditions or agents affecting differentiation

Procedural Overview for Hepatocyte Differentiation Gene Expression Analysis by Real Time RT-PCR

The overall workflow for the PrimerArray Series primer sets is straightforward:

  1. RNA extraction (30 min): We recommend using NucleoSpin RNA (Cat. #740955.50) or RNAiso Plus (Cat.# 9108/9109, not available in all geographic locations). Removal of genomic DNA using Recombinant DNase I (RNase-free) (Cat.# 2270A) is recommended.
  2. Reverse transcription (20 min): PrimeScript RT Master Mix (Perfect Real Time) (Cat. #RR036A) is recommended.
  3. Dispense real-time PCR reaction solution (10 min): Prepare a master mix containing the cDNA sample and SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (Tli RNase H Plus) (Cat.# RR820A); dispense into 96-well plate.
  4. Add PrimerArray primers (5 min): Use 4 µL PrimerArray Series primers per reaction 
  5. Real-time PCR (1 - 2 hours): PrimerArray Series primers are compatible with all commonly used real-time PCR systems 
  6. Data analysis (30 minutes): Use the PrimerArray Analysis Tool

PrimerArray Analysis Tool for Hepatic Differentiation (Human)

The PrimerArray analysis tool facilitates data analysis and can be downloaded from this web page. To download both the Analysis Tool and an instruction guide about how to use it, click on the Resources tab, then expand the drop-down menu under Technical Notes.


Information about RT-PCR Primers for PrimerArray Hepatic Differentiation (Human)

To download primer information for this set of PrimerArray RT-PCR primers, click on the Resources tab, then expand the drop-down menu under Technical Notes.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
PH017 PrimerArray® Hepatic Differentiation (Human) 1 set $587.00


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