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NDiff Cell Culture Supplements

NDiff N2 is a proprietary, completely-defined, serum-free cell culture supplement for the derivation, maintenance, expansion, and/or differentiation of human and mouse stem cells and tissue-derived neural stem (NS) cells. Both traditional and animal-free (AF) versions are available. For optimal performance, NDiff N2 should be used with RHB-Basal medium; this medium is animal-component free and does not contain neuronal supplements, allowing medium customization to meet the specific requirements of your cells.

  • NDiff N2 and NDiff N2-AF contain insulin, APO-transferrin (iron poor), progesterone, putrescine, and sodium selenite

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  • Completely defined, serum-free formulation
  • Animal-free (AF) version contains no components of animal origin
  • Use with RHB-Basal medium for optimal performance
Product*SizeDemonstrated Applications**Ref.

NDiff N2
NDiff N2-AF

5 ml (200X)
  • Derivation, maintenance, and expansion of mouse ES cells
  • Neural differentiation of mouse ES cells in monolayer culture
  • Derivation, maintenance, and expansion of tissue-derived, adherent mouse and human NS cells
  • Differentiation of mouse and human NS cells into functional neurons

*AF is the animal component-free version
**With additional supplements


  1. Bottenstein J.E., Cell Culture in the Neurosciences. Plenum Press (1985) New York and London.

Additional Information

Please refer to technical documents under the Documents tab for storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
Y40100 NDiff® N2 5 mL $227.00
Y40110 NDiff® N2-AF 5 mL $304.00


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