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Cell Types Validated for STEM-CELLBANKER

The following table displays the growing list of cell types that have been validated for use with STEM-CELLBANKER. A second table provides typical cell viability results obtained when using STEM-CELLBANKER to cryopreserve several cell types from a variety of mammalian species.

List of Cell Types
293 (Sheared human Ad5 DNA-transformed cell line)
293T (Human cell line expressing SV40 large T antigen)
32D (Murine myeloid cells)
3LL (Murine Lewis lung cancer cells)
A10 (Thoracic aortic smooth muscle of an embryonic rat)
A2781 (Glioblastoma cells)
Ac2F (Rat liver cells)
AtT20 (Murine anterior pituitary cells)
Ba/F3 (Murine Pro-B cells)
BHK-21 (Baby hamster renal fibroblast cells)
C2C12 (Mouse myoblast cells)
C3H10T1/2 (Murine embryonic fibroblast cells)
Caco-2 (Human colonic adenocarcinoma cells)
CHL/1U (Neonatal Chinese hamster lung cells)
CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells)
CHO-K1 (Chinese hamster ovary cells)
Colo203 (Human colonic adenocarcinoma cells)
COS1 (African green monkey kidney cells)
COS7 (African green monkey kidney cells)
CTLL-2 (Murine T-cells)
DLP-1 (Human colonic adenocarcinoma cells)
DT40 (Chicken B lymphocyte cells)
DU145 (Human prostate carcinoma cells)
EBV-transformed B cells (Epstein-Barr virus-transformed B cells)
EJ-1 (Human bladder carcinoma cells)
ELM-D (Murine erythroblastic leukemia cells)
HeLa cells (Human uterine cervical carcinoma cells)
Hep3B (Human hepatoma cells)
Hepal-6 (Murine hepatoma cells)
HepG2 (Hepatocellular carcinoma cells)
HL-60 (Human promyelocytic leukemia cells)
HT-2 (Murine lymphocytes)
Huh-7 (Human hepatocarcinoma cells)
Jurkat (Human T-cells)
K-562 (Human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells)
Kato-III (Human stomach carcinoma cells)
KM12-LX (Human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells)
L5178Y (Murine lymphoma cells)
L929 (Murine fibroblast cells)
LM (Murine fibroblast cells)
LNCap (Human prostate adenocarcinoma cells)
MCF-7 (Human metastatic mammary carcinoma cells)
MDCK (Madin-Darby canine kidney cells)
Microvascular endothelial cells
Molt-4 (Human T-cells)
NB-1/GOTO (Human neuroblastoma)
NCI-H441 (Human lung adenocarcinoma epithelial cells)
NIH3T3 (Mouse embryonic fibroblast cells)
P388 (Murine leukemia cells)
P3/x63-Ag8.U1 (Murine myeloma cells)
PC12 (Rat pheochromocytoma cells)
Periodontal ligament fibroblast cells
Periodontal ligament membrane fibroblast cells
Raji (Human B-cell line)
RAW264.7 (Murine macrophage cells)
sf9 (Insect cells)
SK-N-MC (Neuroepithelioma cells)
SN12C (Renal carcinoma cells, Subclone: PM6, Clone8, MM3)
Stem cells
Stomach carcinoma cells
THle3 (Human liver cells)
T24 (Human bladder carcinoma)
Vero (African green monkey kidney epithelial cells)
WEHI3B (Murine myeloid leukemia cells)
WiDr (Human colon adenocarcinoma cells)
Typical Experimental Results
Species Cell Type Preservation Period (years) % Viability
–80°C –196°C
Hamster CHO 5 90 90
V79 5 90 90
Human Kidney-derived tumor cells 5 90 90
HEL-derived fibroblasts 5 ND 90
Melanoma 5 90 90
Caco-2 3 90 ND
C-5 5 90 90
CEM 5 90 90
K562 10 90 90
Jurkat 10 90 90
BALL-1 5 90 90
HUC-Fm 5 80 80
Monkey COS-1 5 90 90
Vero 5 90 90
Mouse Hybridoma 10 95 95
Myeloma 10 90 90
L929 10 90 90
FM3A 5 90 90
BALB/3T3 5 90 90
M1 5 90 90
YAC-1 5 90 ND
Rat RLC-16 5 90 90
NRK 5 90 90
PC-12 5 90 ND

ND=not determined.

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