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Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Cryopreservation with STEM-CELLBANKER

STEM-CELLBANKER GMP Grade is a chemically defined freezing medium optimized for stem cell cryopreservation. STEM-CELLBANKER is serum-free and does not contain any animal-derived components; for additional flexibility, it is available with or without DMSO. STEM-CELLBANKER has been used to successfully freeze and thaw a variety of stem cell types, including embryonic and mesenchymal stem cells, marrow- or umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells, and iPS cells. After thawing, cells frozen with CELLBANKER products consistently have high cell viability (approximately 90% for most cell lines). This GMP-grade medium is manufactured under rigorous standards to ensure high quality and consistency, in a facility compliant with GMP regulations and guidelines.

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  • Maintains cell viability and cell pluripotency, normal karyotype, and proliferative capacity after freezing
  • Formulated with medical-grade ingredients and free of animal-derived components; minimizes risk of contamination and ensures batch-to-batch consistency
  • DMSO-free version provides experimental flexibility
  • STEM-CELLBANKER is a GMP-Grade product that is registered in a Drug Master File as an MF TYPE II at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) within the FDA.
  • Products may not be available in all geographic locations. Contact us to confirm availability in your region


  • Stem cell cryopreservation


4°C or below.
If storing for >3 months, aliquot and store at -20°C; avoid repeated freezing and thawing (limit to 3 times).

New Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
  CB045 STEM-CELLBANKER® GMP Grade 100 mL $342.00
  CB046 STEM-CELLBANKER® GMP Grade 20 mL $87.00
  CB047 STEM-CELLBANKER® GMP Grade 4 x 20 mL $331.00
CB061 STEM-CELLBANKER® DMSO Free GMP Grade 100 mL $342.00
CB062 STEM-CELLBANKER® DMSO Free GMP Grade 20 mL $87.00
CB063 STEM-CELLBANKER® DMSO Free GMP Grade 4 x 20 mL $331.00


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