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Human Neural Stem Cells

We offer several kits for the expansion and differentiation of multipotent neural stem (NS) cell lines. These kits contain NS cell lines derived from distinct areas of the human central nervous system (CNS), including the neural cortex, hindbrain, mid-forebrain, spinal cord, and temporal lobe. Cells can be used for a variety of neuroscience research applications and compound screening assays. Each kit contains cells (~1.5 x 106 cells) and serum-free media optimized for culturing adherent human NS cells.

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  • High-purity cells derived from human donor tissue from the hindbrain, cortex, spinal cord, or mid-forebrain
  • Includes serum-free media (RHB-A media) optimized for NS cell culture to ensure stable and reproducible results


  • Deriving neural lineage cell types
  • Investigating the biological, functional, and differentiation properties of NS cells isolated from distinct CNS regions
  • Evaluating signaling pathways involved in NS cell differentiation
  • Drug compound library screening*

*Products are for research use only.


  • 1 vial of cells (~1.5 x 106 cells)
  • 500 ml RHB-A media

Additional Information

Please refer to technical documents under the Documents tab for storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
Y40050 Human Neural Cortex Stem Cell Line Kit 1 Kit $1,314.00
Y40060 Human Neural Hindbrain Stem Cell Line Kit 1 Kit $1,314.00
Y40070 Human Neural Mid Forebrain Stem Cell Line Kit 1 Kit $1,314.00
Y40080 Human Neural Spinal Cord Stem Cell Line Kit 1 Kit $1,314.00
Y40090 Human Neural Temporal Lobe Stem Cell Line Kit 1 Kit $1,314.00


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Y40001 RHB-A® 500 mL $274.00

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