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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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High-Performance, Fast PCR Enzymes

Testing new hypotheses faster, less waiting for results, accomplishing more in a single workday- all possible with enzymes optimized for fast workflows. Watch the videos below to learn how much faster your protocols can be with Takara® fast PCR enzymes.

The Challenge: Extremely fast endpoint PCR
The Solution: Use PrimeSTAR® Max DNA Polymerase with a 10 second extension time


The Challenge: Fast qPCR without sacrificing efficiency or sensitivity
The Solution: Use Takara qPCR premixes with fast mode on real-time PCR systems

Learn more about fast hifi PCR

Fast High Fidelity PCR

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Learn more about fast qPCR

Fast qPCR

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The Challenge: Colony PCR in a hurry
The Solution: Use SapphireAmp® Fast PCR Master Mix with a 10 sec/kb extension time


The Challenge: Synthesize cDNA for real-time PCR in 15 minutes
The Solution: Use PrimeScript™ RTase

Learn more about fast colony PCR

Fast Colony PCR

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Learn more about Fast RT-qPCR

Fast RT-qPCR

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Fast HiFi Learn more about fast colony PCR Learn more about fast RT-qPCR
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