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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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Fast RT-PCR and Full-length cDNA Synthesis: PrimeScript RT Enzyme and RT-PCR Kits

During cDNA synthesis the activity of the reverse transcriptase you use has a tremendous effect on your experiment, whether you are preparing cDNA libraries or doing gene expression analysis by endpoint PCR or qPCR. PrimeScript reverse transcriptase is a powerful RNase H minus recombinant MMLV-based enzyme. Strong strand-displacement capability allows PrimeScript to power through RNA secondary structures at a low reaction temperature (42°). At this temperature, the risk of mRNA degradation that can occur at higher temperatures is reduced. The ability of PrimeScript RTase to produce full-length cDNA (300 bp - 12 kb in length) in as little as 15 minutes means that you will get the products you want fast.

PrimeScript Reverse Transcriptase is the foundation of a family of products for RT-PCR using either endpoint or real time detection. PrimeScript is trusted by researchers around the world and has been used in over 3,700 peer-reviewed publications. Use the flowchart below to determine which PrimeScript product is right for your application, and experience RT-PCR that works.

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