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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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Real Time RT-PCR: One-Step PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit (Perfect Real Time)

Real time RT-PCR is made easy with the One Step PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit (Perfect Real Time), a one-step real time RT-PCR kit designed for real time RT-PCR (qPCR) via TaqMan probe1,2 detection. In this TaqMan Real-Time PCR (qPCR) kit, one-step real time RT-PCR can be performed in a single tube, simplifying amplification and minimizing the risk of contamination. Amplified products are monitored in real time, so there is no need to verify them through electrophoresis following PCR. The sensitivity of the enzymes in this kit enables detection of very small amounts of RNA, including RNA derived from viral, rare or precious samples.

This kit uses PrimeScript RTase, a modified, recombinant MMLV (Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus) reverse transcriptase that is verified to have low levels of RNase H and which exhibits an excellent extension rate and quick, full-length cDNA synthesis, as well as TaKaRa Ex Taq HS, a high efficiency hot start PCR enzyme optimized for this one-step real time RT-PCR kit.

Applicable for the following real time PCR instruments:

  • Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System (TaKaRa Cat. #TP800)3
  • ABI PRISM 7000/7700/7900HT, 7300/7500 Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems)
  • LightCycler (Roche Diagnostics)
  • SmartCycler System4/SmartCycler II System4 (Cepheid)
  • Other instruments 

1TaqMan is a registered trademark of Roche Molecular Systems Inc.

2Use One Step SYBR PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit II (Perfect Real Time) for real time one-step RT-PCR using SYBR Green I for detection.

3Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System is not sold worldwide. Please check for availability in your region.

4SmartCycler is a registered trademark of Cepheid.

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  • One Step PrimeScript RT-PCR (Perfect Real Time) enables accurate and rapid analysis of viral RNA or RNA derived from rare or precious sources
  • TaKaRa Ex Taq HS, a high efficiency, hot start PCR enzyme, is used for PCR.
  • One-Step PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit (Perfect Real Time) buffer system is Real-Time PCR optimized, increasing amplification efficiency and detection sensitivity.


  • One-step Real Time RT-PCR
  • TaqMan Real-Time PCR (qPCR)


2X One Step RT-PCR Buffer III13 x 840 µL
TaKaRa Ex Taq HS (5U/µL)100 µL
PrimeScript RT enzyme Mix II100 µL
RNase Free dH2O2 x 1.25 mL
ROX Reference Dye (50X conc.)2100 µL
ROX Reference Dye II (50X conc.)2100 µL

1Includes dNTP Mixture and Mg2+.
2ROX Reference Dye/Dye II is used for normalization of signal intensity by background subtraction. For ABI PRISM 7000/7700/7900HT and Applied Biosystems 7300 Real-Time PCR System, the use of ROX Reference Dye (50X) is recommended. For Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System, the use of ROX Reference Dye II is recommended. The use of ROX Reference Dye or Dye II is optional; The Dye is not required for use with Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System, SmartCycler or LightCycler real time instruments.

Reagents and Instruments required but not included in the kit

  1. Thermal Cycler for real time PCR
  2. Reaction tube or plate for real time PCR
  3. PCR primers
  4. TaqMan probe for detection (licensed probes)
  5. dH2O
  6. Micropippets and micropippet tips (autoclaved prior to use)



Choosing a PrimeScript Kit for Real-Time RT-PCR

If you want to....

Use this....

Make cDNA using a master mix that includes RTase and primers

PrimeScript RT Master Mix (Perfect Real Time) (Cat. # RR036A and RR036B)

Make cDNA using a kit that provides RTase and primers as separate components

PrimeScript RT Reagent Kit (Perfect Real Time) (Cat. # RR037A and RR037B)

Avoid genomic DNA contamination during cDNA synthesis and RT-qPCR

PrimeScript RT Reagent Kit with gDNA Eraser (Perfect Real Time) (Cat. # RR047A and RR047B)

Perform 1-step real-time RT-PCR with SYBR Green

One-Step SYBR PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit II (Perfect Real Time) (Cat. # RR086A and RR086B)

Prepare cDNA for RT-qPCR directly from fewer than 1,000 cells

CellAmp Whole Transcriptome Amplification Kit (Real Time), Ver. 2 (Cat. # 3734)

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
RR064A One Step PrimeScript™ RT-PCR Kit (Perfect Real Time) 100 Rxns $307.00 License Statements
RR064B One Step PrimeScript™ RT-PCR Kit (Perfect Real Time) 500 Rxns $1,222.00  



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