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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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Straightfoward RNA Isolation Protocol: CellAmp Direct RNA Prep Kit for qPCR and Protein Analysis

Using a straightforward RNA isolation protocol, the CellAmp Direct RNA Prep Kit for qRT-PCR and Protein Analysis allows direct RNA template purification from cells for use in one-step and two-step qRT-PCR. The kit enables RNA isolation from cells via a simple extraction method using cells cultured in 96 well (or other size well) plates. Direct RNA template purification from cells for use in real-time PCR takes approximately 10 minutes.

When used with a one-step real-time RT-PCR kit (e.g., One Step SYBR Ex Taq qRT-PCR Kit Cat.# RR067A/B), the CellAmp Direct RNA Prep Kit for qPCR and Protein Analysis allows gene expression analysis to be completed in approximately two hours. When combined with a reverse transcription reagent such as the PrimeScript RT Reagent Kit (Perfect Real Time) (Cat. # RR037A/B), cDNA templates for real-time PCR can be synthesized in approximately 30 minutes, enabling efficient high-throughput analyses. Direct RNA template purification can be accomplished using small batches of cells, a useful feature for gene expression profiling of precious or rare samples. the kit is also useful for studies of genes that are expressed at very low levels. Genomic DNA can be easily and efficiently removed using this kit. Finally, RNA template samples prepared with CellAmp Direct RNA Prep Kit for qPCR and Protein Analysis are compatible with SYBR Green and 5' nuclease probe-based assays for real-time PCR (qPCR) and thus can serve a wide variety of experimental applications.

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  • Easy RNA isolation protocol - prepare template from cultured cells in only 10 minutes 
  • Prepared RNA can be used for One-Step or Two-Step qRT-PCR
  • Works with SYBR Green assays and probe assays
  • Gene expression analysis can be completed in ~2 hours


  • RNA template preparation from cultured cells for qPCR



CellAmp Washing Buffer2 x 12.5 mL
CellAmp Processing Buffer10 mL
DNase I for Direct RNA Prep200 µL
5X Loading Buffer2 x 1 mL
1 M DTT (Dithiothreitol)2 x 100 uL



Note: CellAmp Washing Buffer and CellAmp Processing Buffer can be stored at 4ºC after thawing. Store 5X Loading Buffer at room temperature after opening. Avoid buffer contamination.


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3733 CellAmp™ RT-PCR for Direct Prep Kit (Real Time) & Protein Analysis 200 Rxns $236.00



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