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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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The RNA LA PCR Kit is a two step RT-PCR kit designed for long first strand cDNA synthesis, enabling longer and more accurate RT-PCR products. The kit uses AMV RT XL as the reverse transcriptase, allowing for efficient synthesis of first-strand cDNA up to 12 kb in length. AMV RT XL also has better thermostability than other reverse transcriptases and retains its activity over a wider range of reaction temperatures.

In addition to AMV RT XL, the kit uses TaKaRa LA Taq, which can generate amplicons up to 40 kb in size and at 6.5X better fidelity than Taq Polymerase. Both the reverse transcription and amplification reactions can be performed in a single tube. Reaction components for 3'-RACE are also supplied in the RNA LA PCR Kit.

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  • Long first-strand cDNA synthesis up to 12 kb


  • Two step RT-PCR using AMV RT XL and reverse transcriptase
  • Amplification of longer cDNA templates following RNA PCR using TaKaRa LA Taq



AMV Reverse Transcriptase XL* (5 U/µL)50 µL
RNase Inhibitor (40 U/µL)60 µL
Random 9-mers (50 pmol/µL)50 µL
Oligo(dT)20-M4 Adaptor Primer (2.5 pmol/µL) 50 µL
RNase-Free dH2O (DEPC-treated)1 mL
TaKaRa LA Taq DNA Polymerase (5 U/µL)25 µL
M13 Primer M4 (20 pmol/µL) 50 µL
10X RNA PCR Buffer 120 µL
10X LA Buffer II (without Mg2+)500 µL
dNTP Mixture (10 mM each)150 µL
MgCl2 (25 mM)1 mL
Control Primer R-1 (20 pmol/µL)25 µL
Control Primer R-2 (20 pmol/µL)25 µL
Positive Control RNA (2 x 105 copies/µL)25 µL
*Manufactured by Life Science Co.




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RR012A RNA LA PCR™ Kit (AMV) Ver. 1 100 Rxns $605.00


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