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Yeast Strains for Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening

Clontech offers two highly specialized yeast strains, Y2HGold and Y187, that are optimized for exceptionally stringent two-hybrid library screening and two-hybrid library construction, respectively.

Y2HGold Yeast Strain

Y2HGold plays a crucial role in establishing the high stringency of Clontech's Matchmaker Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System due to its four integrated reporter genes (AUR1-C, ADE2, HIS3, and MEL1), which are under the control of three distinct Gal4-responsive promoters.

The Matchmaker Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System is the only yeast two-hybrid system with four genuine reporters and three different bait recognition sequences. Background growth is not possible due to the potency and stability of Aureobasidin A, a novel yeast two-hybrid antibiotic that kills all non-resistant cells. False positives are reduced to a minimum because any independently binding prey protein would need to bind to all 3 recognition sequences and activate 4 different reporters.

Y187 Yeast Strain

Y187 is used in the construction of our “Mate & Plate” and "Normalized Mate & Plate" Libraries, which are recommended for use with the Matchmaker Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System. These complex, tissue-specific, ready-to-go libraries are constructed directly in our Y187 library yeast stain, utilizing the highly efficient homologous recombination machinery of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mate & Plate Libraries provide, by far, the simplest method for yeast two-hybrid screening, because they do not require library-scale transformations or labor-intensive library amplification.

You can also use the Y187 yeast strain with our convenient Make Your Own "Mate & Plate" Library System to construct your own yeast two-hybrid libraries, and eliminate the time-consuming and labor-intensive library cloning, amplification, and harvesting in E. coli that are required by traditional methods of library construction.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
630457 Y187 Yeast Strain 0.5 mL $431.00
630498 Y2HGold Yeast Strain 0.5 mL $484.00



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