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GAL4 Antibodies for Yeast Two-Hybrid Studies

GAL4 AD and GAL4 DNA-BD Monoclonal Antibodies bind specifically to the major activation domain (AD) of GAL4 yeast two-hybrid prey proteins, and the DNA-binding domain (DNA-BD) of the bait protein, respectively.

If your bait vector is pGBKT7, your fusion protein can be detected with the GAL4 DNA-BD Monoclonal Antibody (Clontech's Monoclonal c-Myc Antibody may also be used).

If your prey vector is pGADT7, pGADT7-Rec, or pACT2, the prey fusion protein can be detected with the GAL4 AD Monoclonal Antibody (Clontech's polyclonal HA-Tag Antibody may also be used).

These antibodies are ideal for:

  • Confirming that a GAL4 fusion protein is being expressed and has the expected molecular weight
  • Characterizing putative interactors with your protein of interest
  • Co-immunoprecipitation studies

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
630402 GAL4 AD Monoclonal Antibody 25 ug $333.00
630403 GAL4 DNA-BD Monoclonal Antibody 25 ug $428.00



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