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Protein Interactions & Profiling

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Yeast Media, Amino Acid Dropout Mixes

These high-quality dropout supplements can be used together with SD base to create selective media for growing yeast cultures, confirming auxotrophic phenotypes, and selecting yeast transformants. They are ideal for use with Matchmaker Gold Systems and other yeast one-hybrid systems or yeast two-hybrid systems.

Dropout Supplements

Dropout (DO) supplements provide various mixtures of amino acids and nucleosides to add to the Minimal SD Bases to make a defined minimal medium. In each Dropout mix, certain amino acids have been “dropped out”, for example -Leu/-Trp DO supplement contains every essential amino acid except for leucine and tryptophan. DO Supplements may also be added to the minimal E. coli medium M9 for minimal selection in E. coli. Each package will make at least 10 L of medium.

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  • Bulk media quantities for culturing Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Dropout (DO) supplements for use with SD base to create selective media
  • Proven track record—15 years of yeast media sales


  • Confirmation of auxotrophic phenotypes
  • Selection for yeast transformants
  • Yeast two-hybrid screening
  • Yeast one-hybrid screening

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
630428 DO Supplement –Ade/–His/–Leu/–Trp 10 g $55.00
630415 DO Supplement –His 10 g $55.00
630418 DO Supplement –His/–Leu 10 g $55.00
630429 DO Supplement –His/–Leu/–Met/–Trp 10 g $55.00
630419 DO Supplement –His/–Leu/–Trp 10 g $55.00
630425 DO Supplement –His/–Leu/–Trp/–Ura 10 g $55.00
630423 DO Supplement –His/–Leu/–Ura 10 g $55.00
630424 DO Supplement –His/–Trp/–Ura 10 g $55.00
630422 DO Supplement –His/–Ura 10 g $55.00
630414 DO Supplement –Leu 10 g $55.00
630430 DO Supplement –Leu/–Met/–Trp 10 g $55.00
630417 DO Supplement –Leu/–Trp 10 g $55.00
630426 DO Supplement –Leu/–Trp/–Ura 10 g $55.00
630431 DO Supplement –Met/–Trp 10 g $55.00
630413 DO Supplement –Trp 10 g $55.00
630427 DO Supplement –Trp/–Ura 10 g $55.00
630416 DO Supplement –Ura 10 g $55.00



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