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Protein Interactions & Profiling

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Tissue-Specific Protein Extracts

Protein Medleys are pools of tissue-specific total protein isolated from a broad range of human tissues. With these protein extracts, you can directly and easily compare the abundance level of your protein across all of the tissues you choose. Protein Medleys are suitable for use in electrophoresis and Western blotting applications.

Protein Medleys are prepared from whole-tissue homogenates at 4°C with protease inhibitors present to minimize proteolysis and ensure maximal representation of tissue-specific proteins. The solution is treated with DNase I to reduce viscosity. The resulting Protein Medley is suspended in a buffer consisting of 62.5 mM Tris-HCl, 2% SDS, 10% glycerol, and 0.1% bromophenol blue (pH 6.8). Each protein extract is solubilized in SDS buffer at a concentration of 10 mg/ml. Each Protein Medley is accompanied by a protocol for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

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  • Comprehensive collection of high-quality human total protein extracts ready for electrophoresis
  • Quickly confirm tissue-specific abundance of your protein
  • Easily access hard-to-obtain human tissues, including brain regions and fetal tissues
  • Ideally suited for Western blot analysis


  • Western blotting

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.


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