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Calpain Inhibitor: Calpastatin Protease Inhibitor

Calpastatin is an endogenous protease inhibitor that acts specifically on calpain (a calcium-dependent cysteine protease). It contains four repetitive calpain inhibition sequences spanning 120 to 140 amino acid residues (domains I, II, and IV) and an N-terminal non-homologous sequence (domain L). The product consists of highly purified recombinant human calpastatin domain I.

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  • Calpain protease inhibition


Recombinant Human Calpastatin Domain I


Homogeneous on SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Greater than 90% pure as determined by amino acid composition analysis.




Molecular weight:14 kDa
Peptide length:137 a.a.

Typical Activity: 50 nM of calpastatin domain I completely inhibits the activity of 7.5 µg/mL calpain I. 15 nM of calpastatin domain I inhibits 50% of the activity of 7.5 µg/mL calpain I.


Lyophilized white powder


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