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Protein Expression & Purification

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Phosphopeptide Enrichment Spin Columns

Our Phosphopeptide Enrichment Spin Columns and Phosphopeptide Enrichment Buffer Kit can enhance detection of phosphorylated peptides that would otherwise be undetectable. The straightforward protocol enriches your protein digests prior to detection by mass spectroscopy or HPLC.

The spin columns contain a unique immobilized metal affinity chromatography resin that binds phosphopeptides. These columns have the capacity to bind up to 250 µg of phosphopeptide and can accommodate up to an 850 µl sample volume. The columns fit into most microcentrifuges. There is no need to pre-equilibrate—simply spin out the storage buffer.

Our buffer kit provides optimized loading and elution buffers for use with the spin columns and is recommended for optimal results. Each buffer kit includes enough buffer for use with 25 spin columns and saves time when compared to making your own buffer.

Our Phosphoprotein Enrichment Kit provides an effective affinity-based procedure for isolating phosphorylated proteins from mammalian cells and tissues.

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  • Efficient, specific enrichment for all types of phosphopeptides
  • Convenient prepackaged columns
  • Enrich for any type of phosphopeptide—phosphotyrosine, phosphoserine, or phosphothreonine
  • Obtain increased sensitivity in mass-spectroscopy analysis


  • Phosphopeptide enrichment

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
635635 Phosphopeptide Enrichment Buffer Kit Each $121.00
635634 Phosphopeptide Enrichment Spin Columns Each $308.00



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