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Protein Expression & Purification

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Protein Digestion: Arginylendopeptidase

Arginylendopeptidase cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxyl side of arginine residues located on proteins and peptides, enabling protein fragmentation for structural analysis. Arginylendopeptidase is also known as mouse submaxillary protease D or mouse EGF-binding protein C. This enzyme has been treated with TLCK and TPCK to remove trace trypsin-like and chymotrypsin-like protease activities. The product is supplied with a 5X Reaction Buffer [250 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 8.0)].

Note: The enzyme has weak activity towards -Lys-X- sites, especially when those sites are preceded by a basic amino acid residue.

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  • Protein digestion
  • Fragmentation of proteins and peptides prior to structural analysis


Mouse submaxillary gland


Homogeneous via SDS-PAGE. No other proteases detected.




Molecular weight:21.3 kDa (gel filtration)
Optimum pH:8.0–9.0
Isoelectric point:5.65
Inhibitors: PMSF, DFP
Tolerance to denaturants:Less than or equal to 2 M Urea
Less than or equal to 0.1 M Guanidine-HCl
Less than or equal to 0.05% SDS


In a solution of 5 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.2) containing 50% glycerol


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Definition of Activity

One unit of activity corresponds to the amount of enzyme required to produce 1 mmol p-nitroaniline from benzoyl-DL-arginine p-nitroanilide (BAPA) in 1 minute at 37°C and pH 8.0.

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