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Protein Expression & Purification

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Protein Expression Overview


Takara Clontech offers a choice of technologies for protein expression:

Protein Expression 101

Learn how to choose the best protein expression system for your specific application from our selection of bacterial, cell-free, insect, and mammalian expression systems, including specialized expression tools for proteins that pose challenges, such as insolubility, intracellular toxicity, and difficulty in achieving correct folding.

Selection Guide for Protein Expression Systems
  Protein Yield per Volume of Culture Applications/Advantages
Bacterial Expression Systems

E. coli systems:
Up to 1 g/L

High-yield bacterial systems:
Up to 25 g/L

  • Get simple, rapid, high-yield protein expression.
  • Choose from E. coli systems that incorporate His or HAT tags to enable efficient IMAC purification, and provide inducible expression, better solubility, fast cloning, included purification resins and reagents, high binding capacity, or high purity.
  • Choose from a variety of bacterial systems that offer high yields, high purity, fast cloning, or the ability to express proteins that are insoluble, toxic, or contain disulfide bonds.
Cell-Free Expression System

Standard system:
Up to 50 µg/20 µl

Maxi system:
Up to 900 µg/80 µl
  • Obtain fast, easy, single-tube protein expression in as little as 1 hour with a human cell-free system, which expresses proteins with the appropriate post-translational modifications needed for biological activity.
  • Express large proteins (>150 kDa), as well as proteins that are degraded, insoluble or toxic using in vivo systems.
Insect Expression System Up to 1 g/L
  • Achieve high yields of recombinant protein, with post-translational processing, biological activities, and immunological reactivities similar to mammalian systems.
  • Express proteins that are difficult to express in bacteria due to size, complexity, or post-translational modifications.
Mammalian Expression Systems 10 µg/ml–10 mg/ml
  • Enable efficient immunoprecipitation and affinity purification by incorporating DYKDDDDK (FLAG epitope), Myc, or HA fusion tags.
  • Express proteins that fold and assemble correctly, and contain the appropriate post-translational modifications needed for biological activity.

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