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Protein Expression & Purification

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Bacterial Expression Overview


Takara Clontech offers a choice of technologies for bacterial protein expression:

Bacterial Expression Systems

Learn how to choose the best bacterial expression system for your specific application from our selection of standard E. coli expression systems, as well as specialized systems in E. coli or other bacterial hosts that are designed for high-yield, low-temperature, or high-purity expression.

Selection Guide for Bacterial Expression Systems
  Advantages Protein Yield per Volume of Culture Applications
Standard E. coli Expression Systems
pET Express & Purify Kits
  • High-yield, inducible, pET-based protein expression in N- or C-terminal 6xHN-tagged vectors
  • Complete expression and purification system with a choice of In-Fusion or standard cloning options and TALON or His60 Ni purification resin/resin formats and buffers
Up to 1 g/L Inducible expression and purification of his-tagged proteins
HAT Protein Expression & Purification System
  • Improved solubility of expressed proteins
  • Native or denaturing purification of proteins at neutral pH, with included TALON resin, columns, and buffers
Up to 1 g/L Expression and purification of HAT-tagged proteins
High-Yield Expression Systems
B. subtilis Secretory Protein Expression System
  • Direct secretion of protein into culture medium
  • In-Fusion-cloning-compatible systems
Up to 25 g/L Fermentation of secreted proteins (medium- and large-scale)
Brevibacillus Expression System Up to 4 g/L Expression of toxic proteins, proteins containing disulfide bonds, and his-tagged proteins (with four of the system vectors)
Low-Temperature Expression System
pCold DNA Cold Shock Expression System

  • Increased purity and yield resulting from low-temperature protein synthesis in E. coli that reduces expression of other proteins and protease activity
  • Improved solubility of expressed proteins and increased recovery of soluble protein with the Chaperone Plasmid Set
Several mg to several 10s of mg/L Expression of insoluble proteins and his-tagged proteins (with most of the pCold vectors) in E. coli
High-Purity Expression System
SPP System (Single Protein Production System)

  • Higher purity due to highly specific expression of target protein in E. coli
  • Efficient radioisotope labeling (up to 90% of newly expressed cellular protein)
Several 10s of mg/L

Expression of highly pure proteins, radioisotope labeling in E. coli

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