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Protein Expression & Purification

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High-Throughput His-Tagged Protein Minipreps—Capturem His-Tagged Purification 96

Capturem His-Tagged Purification 96 provides a revolutionary solution for high-throughput recombinant protein screening—taking advantage of a recently developed technology that utilizes high-capacity Ni-NTA membranes to quickly purify concentrated his-tagged proteins under a wide range of conditions. It consists of a single-use, disposable 96-well plate that enables rapid, high-throughput screening of his-tagged proteins—allowing you to perform 96 minipreps simultaneously from up to 1 ml of clarified lysate per well.

Screen your his-tagged proteins of interest with a purification method that is:
  • High-throughput: Perform 96 minipreps simultaneously
  • High-capacity: Each well contains novel nylon membranes instead of resin
  • High-yield: Elute concentrated protein, up to 0.3–1 mg/ml
  • Fast and convenient: Purify proteins in just minutes, using vacuum filtration or centrifugation
  • Flexible: Purify from mammalian or bacterial cells

Where resin columns fall short, this new method provides high capacity and purity in minutes, from loading the sample through elution. Novel nylon membranes have been assembled into the wells of a 96-well plate, creating a no-waiting, room-temperature workflow compatible with both mammalian and bacterial cells. Exceptional performance is consistent under a wide range of sample preparations, including native and denaturing conditions, the presence of additives (e.g., βME, EDTA, DTT, glycerol, TCEP, etc.; see table below), and tandem purification of his-tagged proteins.

The modified nylon membranes have a small bed volume, yet still produce high-purity, concentrated protein due to the chemically enhanced surface area of the pores. With this technology, protein binding capacity is comparable to, or better than, resins that bind 75 mg or more per cm3 of membrane. A protocol performed in minutes, entirely at room temperature, makes for a convenient, powerful, and efficient research tool.

Each plate well has a sample capacity of up to 1 ml, and produces ~100 µg/column at a concentration of ~0.3 mg/ml. The short residence time greatly reduces the possibility of protein degradation or loss of activity, giving downstream applications a higher probability of success.

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  • Perform 96 minipreps simultaneously—Use either vacuum filtration or centrifugation
  • No-waiting workflow—Fast, room-temperature protocol
  • High purity and yield—Approximately 100 µg/column, at a concentration of ~0.3–1 mg/ml
  • Wide range of conditions—Native and denaturing conditions; with common additives (e.g., EDTA, DTT, βME, glycerol, TCEP, etc.)
  • Lysis buffer compatibility—xTractor Buffer, buffers from other vendors
  • Different cell systems—Easy purification from mammalian and bacterial cells


  • Screening
  • Biochemical/enzymatic assays
  • Pull-down or other protein interaction assays
  • Protein/ligand affinity analysis
  • Crystallography or other structural analyses
  • Antibody production
  • Toxicology studies
  • Protein transfer to live cells

Reagents Compatible with Capturem His-Tagged Purification 96

Reagent Compatibility*
MOPS200 mM
Tris200 mM
Beta-mercaptoethanol30 mM
DTT10 mM
Guanidine-HCl6 M
Urea8 M
Nonionic detergent (Triton X-100)2%
Nonionic detergent (Tween 20)2%
Anionic detergent (SDS)1%
Arginine500 mM
Glycine100 mM
Histidine20 mM
Sodium chloride2 M
Imidazole40 mM

* Compatible with concentrations up to the amounts shown. These are the maximum amounts that have been tested.

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

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635714 Capturem™ His-Tagged Purification 96 96 Purifications $350.00 License Statements


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