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Protein Expression & Purification

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Detection of FLAG-Tagged Proteins—Anti-DYKDDDDK Antibody

The FLAG tag is commonly known as the DYKDDDDK epitope tag and thus the anti-DYKDDDDK Antibody can be used for the detection of FLAG-tagged proteins. This monoclonal antibody recognizes the well-known FLAG epitope tag and detects N- or C-terminally tagged FLAG fusion proteins on Western blots.

The FLAG peptide is used as an N- or C- terminal epitope tag in many fusion proteins because it is small and therefore unlikely to alter the biochemical properties or localization of the protein to which it is fused.

Beads for Purification of FLAG-Tagged Proteins

Anti-DYKDDDDK Beads consist of monoclonal anti-DYKDDDDK antibody crosslinked to agarose beads. These beads may be used to purify or immunoprecipitate FLAG-tagged fusion proteins from cell lysates.

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  • The FLAG tag is one of the most commonly used hydrophilic octapeptide tags
  • Ideal for identifying and monitoring expression of FLAG-tagged proteins
  • Highly specific antibody does not cross-react with endogenous proteins
  • Higher sensitivity than competitor’s anti-FLAG antibody conjugated beads
  • Use beads to purify or immunoprecipitate FLAG-tagged fusion proteins from cell lysates


  • Western blotting
  • Immunofluorescent staining
  • Protein purification and immunoprecipitation with beads

Source of Antibody

  • Mouse hybridoma cells


  • Form: Affinity-purified monoclonal antibody in PBS
  • Isotype: G2a kappa
  • Concentration of antibody: 1 mg/ml
  • Suggested antibody dilution: 1:1,000 for Western blotting
  • Amount of crosslinked antibody on the beads: 3 mg/ml

Additional Product Information

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