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Protein Expression & Purification

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Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System and Vectors

The Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System (Cat. #3281) from Takara Bio enables simple and easy in vitro transcription and translation. The single-tube reaction format is easily assembled and protein expression can be completed in as little as 1 hour at 32°C. The Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System allows for high-yield expression and purification of functional protein, including modified proteins and large proteins (over 150 kDa). The Human Cell-Free Protein Expression Maxi System (Cat. #3285) further increases recombinant protein expression by utilizing a dialysis technique that continually replenishes ATP and amino acids during protein translation.

Genes of interest may be cloned rapidly into the pT7-IRES vectors using In-Fusion cloning technology. Using the pT7-IRES vectors, recombinant proteins can be tagged with N-terminal or C-terminal His epitope tags or an N-terminal Myc epitope tag.

Cell-free systems for in vitro transcription and in vitro translation offer several advantages for protein expression and purification:

  • They allow quick analyses of protein functions or features.
  • They are amenable to high-throughput studies.
  • Proteins that are degraded, insoluble or toxic using in vivo systems can be easily expressed in vitro.

Bulk sizes are available for high-throughput studies.

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  • Easy-to-use system allows generation of protein in as little as 1 hour in a single-tube reaction.
  • Provides higher yield and greater consistency of functional protein compared to rabbit reticulocyte or wheat germ-based in vitro translation systems.
  • Works well with challenging applications such as large proteins (over 150 kDa).
  • Amenable to high-throughput screening; bulk sizes are available.


  • Expression of toxic proteins that are lethal for in vivo expression systems
  • Quick analysis of protein functionality
  • Rapid analysis of protein mutations or truncations
  • Expression of proteins with eukaryotic post-translational modifications
  • Expression of proteins that are easily degraded or insoluble in conventional in vivo expression systems such as E. coli
  • High-throughput proteomic studies


Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System

Cell Lysate100 µL
Mixture-160 µL
Mixture-210 µL
Mixture-320 µL
T7 RNA Polymerase (200 U/µL)10 µL
pT7 IRES Vector (0.5 µg/µL)20 µL
Control Vector (0.3 µg/µL)10 µL


  • Dissolve Cell Lysate just prior to use, mixing gently by pipetting. Use immdiately. After use, promptly store at -80°C. Although up to five freeze-thaw cycles should not affect performance, store the Cell Lysate in small ready-to-use volume aliquots.
  • Mixture-2 and Mixture-3 contain protein. To avoid deactivation, do not stir excessively or vortex.
  • The Control Vector contains a beta-galactosidase gene cassette.
  • The pT7 IRES Vector included in the kit does not encode fusion tags. Vectors encoding a His or c-myc tag are sold separately.

pT7-IRES Vectors

Each vector (Cat. #3290, #3291, #3292) contains 20 µg DNA at a concentration of 0.5 µg/µL (40 µL total volume).

Human Cell-Free Protein Expression Maxi System

1) Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System (Cat. #3281)2 kits
2) Supplement Buffer (Human Cell-Free Protein Expression)15 mL
3) Dialysis Columns & Accessories25 sets


  • Items (2) and (3) are not available for sale separately.
  • Item (3) is manufactured by G-Biosciences and includes the following components:
    • Tube-O-DIALYZER™, Micro 15K MWCO (5 tubes) Note: Each tube is filled with a preservative solution. The shipping package also contains a small amount of preservative solution to maintain moisture.
    • Micro Dialysis Cup (5 cups)
    • Float for Micro, for Dialysis Cup (5 floats)


    Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System (Cat. # 3281): -80°C
    pT7-IRES Vectors (Cat. #3290, #3291, #3292): -20°C
    Human Cell-Free Protein Expression Maxi System (Cat. #3285): Dialysis columns & accessories 4°C; All other components -80°C

pT7-IRES Vector information

Vectors in the pT7-IRES series include a T7 promoter and EMCV IRES sequence to facilitate transcription and translation in the Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System as well as a Multiple Cloning Site (MCS), convenient tags (N- or C-terminal His or N-terminal Myc tag sequences), a Factor Xa protease cleavage site for tag removal, polyA signal and T7 terminator.

  • pT7-IRES His-N DNA (Cat. # 3290) encodes an N-terminal His tag
  • pT7-IRES His-C DNA (Cat. # 3291) encodes a C-terminal His tag
  • pT7-IRES Myc-N DNA (Cat. # 3292) encodes an N-terminal c-Myc tag

For vector maps and sequence files, see User Manuals and Vector Information, respectively, under "Documents". 

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
3281 Human Cell-Free Protein Expression System 10 Rxns $316.00  
3290 pT7-IRES His-N DNA 20 ug $205.00 License Statements
3291 pT7-IRES His-C DNA 20 ug $205.00 License Statements
3292 pT7-IRES Myc-N DNA 20 ug $205.00  
3285 Human Cell-Free Protein Expression Maxi System 5 Rxns $841.00  


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