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Protein Expression & Purification

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Refolding CA Kit

The Refolding CA (Cycloamylose) Kit takes advantage of a novel artificial chaperone technology in an easy-to-use two-step process to optimize refolding conditions of inclusion body proteins. Optimization of protein refolding conditions results in correct protein folding and restoration of protein activity. One can also use this kit to solubilize inclusion body proteins.

The small Refolding CA Kit is supplied with guanidine hydrochloride (GdmCl) and dithiothreitol (DTT) for protein unfolding, four different surfactants that can be added independently to the unfolded protein solution (protecting the protein from molecular aggregation), and highly polymerized cycloamylose (CA), an artificial chaperone, for surfactant removal and recovery of protein activity. Overnight incubation of the CA-treated protein is followed by a quick 10-minute centrifugation step and collection of the refolded protein-containing supernatant.

The large Refolding CA Kit is intended for large scale protein refolding after reaction conditions have been optimized using the small Refolding CA kit. The large kit consists of only denaturant and CA.

The artificial chaperone technology in the Refolding CA Kit is licensed from NFRI, BTRAI and Ezaki Glico Co, Ltd.

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  • Refolding of isolated inclusion body proteins
  • Solubilization of inclusion body proteins
  • Recovery of protein activity


7350 (Small Refolding CA Kit)

8 M GdmCl2 x 1 mL
4 M DTT50 µL
4 surfactants:
» 1% Tween 402 x 1 mL
» 1% Tween 602 x 1 mL
» 1% CTAB (cetyltrimethylammoniumbromide)2 x 1 mL
» 1% SB3-14 (myristylsulfobetaine2 x 1 mL
200 mM DL-cystine2 x 0.75 mL
3% CA (highly polymerized cycloamylose)7 x 1.6 mL

7351 (Large Refolding CA Kit)

3% CA6 x 20 mL
8 M GdmCl2 x 10 mL


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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
7350 Refolding CA Kit 25 Tests $352.00 License Statements
7351 Refolding CA Large Kit 1 Kit $1,895.00 License Statements


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