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LA PCR Genome Set

The LA PCR Genome Set includes highly purified, high molecular weight human genomic DNA PCR controls, E.coli genomic DNA PCR controls and appropriate primers. These templates and primers are intended for use as long range PCR controls and provide a useful method for optimizing PCR conditions given a wide variety of templates.

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  • Human genomic DNA PCR controls
  • E. coli genomic DNA PCR controls



Human genomic DNA10 µg
E. coli genomic DNA2 µg
Human-1 Primer*200 pmol
Human-2 Primer* 200 pmol
E. coli-1 Primer** 200 pmol
E. coli-2 Primer** 200 pmol
* Amplimer size: 17.5 kb
** Amplimer size: 20 kb


DNA: 4°C (can be stored at –20°C. Avoid freeze-thaw)

Primers: –20°C.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
9060 LA PCR Genome DNA Set 20 Rxns $145.00



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