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High Fidelity PCR | Library Construction & RACE PCR | Advantage 2 Proofreading Polymerase Mixes & PCR Kits

Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix is an optimized blend of PCR enzymes that includes a proofreading DNA polymerase and our highly robust, hot start enzyme Titanium Taq DNA Polymerase. The combination provides a proven balance of high yield and high fidelity for cDNA amplification and library construction that requires minimal optimization. Advantage 2 is an extremely versatile polymerase mix that can readily amplify a wide range of DNA templates, including long PCR templates up to 18 kb. With three times higher fidelity than regular Taq, Advantage 2 polymerase mix is also perfect for PCR applications requiring accuracy, such as RACE PCR, cDNA amplification, library construction, and PCR Subtraction. Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix is highly recommended for applications downstream of SMART(er) cDNA synthesis.

The Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix consists of:

  • Titanium Taq DNA Polymerase—a robust, sensitive enzyme that provides higher yields than Taq, and contains TaqStart Antibody for convenient hot start PCR.
  • Proofreading polymerase—for longer PCR products and increased fidelity.

The Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix is available by itself (with an optimized buffer), in a complete PCR kit that includes dNTPs and PCR controls, or in a ready-to-use, lyophilized format (High Fidelity PCR EcoDry Premix).

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
639137 10X Advantage® 2 PCR Buffer 2 x 600 uL $66.00  
639138 10X Advantage® 2 PCR Buffer 10 mL $148.00  
639148 10X Advantage® 2 SA PCR Buffer 10 mL $142.00  
639206 Advantage® 2 PCR Kit 100 Rxns $425.00 License Statements
639207 Advantage® 2 PCR Kit 30 Rxns $135.00 License Statements
639201 Advantage® 2 Polymerase Mix 100 Rxns $245.00 License Statements
639202 Advantage® 2 Polymerase Mix 5 x 100 Rxns $985.00 License Statements
639282 High Fidelity PCR EcoDry™ Premix 24 Rxns $55.00 License Statements
639280 High Fidelity PCR EcoDry™ Premix 48 Rxns $91.00 License Statements



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