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e2TAK DNA Polymerase

Takara's e2TAK DNA Polymerase is a novel, economical and efficient alternative to conventional Taq DNA polymerase. e2TAK DNA Polymerase provides excellent product yield, sensitivity and length (up to 8 kb for human genomic DNA) during routine PCR applications. e2TAK polymerase also possesses superior priming efficiency, allowing shorter annealing times and higher specificity. e2TAK enzyme can be substituted for standard Taq DNA Polymerase in a variety of general PCR experiments, providing improved efficiency and performance at reduced cost. Furthermore, e2TAK DNA Polymerase can be used as a PCR enzyme for blunt end cloning because products generated with e2TAK will contain blunt ends.

e2TAK is supplied with 5X e2TAK Buffer and high-purity dNTPs.

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  • Economical alternative to Taq DNA polymerase
  • More sensitive and higher yields than Taq DNA polymerase
  • Blunt-end cloning from PCR product


  • High yield, high sensitivity routine PCR
  • Blunt end cloning



e2TAK DNA Polymerase100 µL
5X e2TAK Buffer (Mg2-plus)2 x 1 mL
dNTP Mixture (2.5 mM each)800 µL



Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
RF001A e2TAK® DNA Polymerase 200 Rxns $58.00



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