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High Throughput PCR: EmeraldAmp GT PCR Master Mix

EmeraldAmp GT PCR Master Mix is a loading dye added PCR master mix that is optimized for great performance and convenience in both standard and high throughput PCR applications. The EmeraldAmp Master Mix includes an optimized buffer, PCR enzyme, dNTP mixture, gel loading dye (green), and a density reagent in 2X PCR master mix format. High throughput PCR is performed by simply adding primers and DNA template to the EmeraldAmp GT premix. Following PCR, the tube contents can be loaded onto an agarose gel for electrophoresis or used directly in downstream applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, TA cloning and direct sequencing. The EmeraldAmp GT PCR Master Mix can be used to amplify genomic targets up to ~5kb and is compatible with GC- and AT- rich targets.

When 5 µL of the loading dye added PCR master mix is used for electrophoresis on an 1% Agarose L03 gel, the blue dye front is detected near 3-5 kb and the yellow dye is detected below 50 bp. These dyes have absorptions at ~260 nm and 420 nm, respectively. The dyes can be removed by gel purification or PCR clean-up using the NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-Up Kit if necessary.

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  • Convenient premix format- just add template, primers and water to the 2X PCR Master mix
  • Improved performance; includes an optimized buffer for better amplification of GC and AT rich targets
  • Eliminates purification steps; PCR contents can be loaded directly onto an agarose gel
  • High throughput PCR enables using reactions directly in TA cloning, restriction enzyme digestion or sequencing 
  • Green loading dye allows tracking during gel electrophoresis


  • High throughput PCR


RR310A (for 160 reactions, 50 µL each)

EmeraldAmp GT PCR Master Mix (2X Premix)1 mL X 4
dH2O1 mL X 4


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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
RR310A EmeraldAmp® GT PCR Master Mix 160 Rxns $57.00
RR310B EmeraldAmp® GT PCR Master Mix 800 Rxns $255.00


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