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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Kit for Isolation & Purification of mRNA from Total RNA or Cells—NucleoTrap mRNA

The NucleoTrap mRNA kit provides latex beads covalently modified with oligo(dT), which allow for isolation and purification of mRNA from total RNA or directly from cells or tissue.

Under high-salt conditions, poly(A) mRNA binds to the beads. The latex beads are then centrifuged, resuspended in washing buffer, and transferred to a NucleoSpin microfilter which simplfies handling of the beads. After two additional washing steps, poly(A) mRNA is eluted with nuclease-free water or low-salt buffer (since A-dT hybrids are destabilized at lower ionic strength). Using NucleoTrap mRNA ensures high yields of high-quality poly(A) mRNA, which is not degraded and is free of DNA contamination.

NucleoTrap mRNA kits contain spin filters, as well as all the necessary reagents and buffers for isolating highly pure poly(A) mRNA from total RNA preparations. The purified mRNA is ready for use in downstream applications, such as cDNA library construction, blotting techniques, RT-PCR, in vitro translation, expression arrays, and differential display. mRNA enrichment is especially recommended for construction of cDNA libraries and demanding blotting procedures, since it reduces background signals.

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  • High-quality polyA+ mRNA without degradation or DNA contamination
  • Purify mRNA in only 30 min
  • Excellent results are obtained with varying amounts of starting RNA
  • Kits available in two sizes—miniprep and midiprep
  • Isolate polyA+ mRNA directly from cells using a support protocol


Isolate polyA+ mRNA from total RNA, clean up in vitro transcripts, and purify polyA+ mRNA directly from cells (support protocol).

PolyA+ mRNA purified with NucleoTrap mRNA miniprep and midiprep kits is ready for use in any downstream application, including:

  • RT-PCR
  • Primer extension
  • Blotting techniques
  • In vitro translation
  • Expression array and expression-chip analysis
  • Differential display
  • cDNA synthesis and cDNA library construction
  • Subtractive hybridization
  • RNase and S1 nuclease protection
  • Microinjections
  • SAGE technology

Product Overview

NucleoTrap mRNA Mini

NucleoTrap mRNA Midi


Anion chromatography

Anion chromatography


Oligo(dT) latex-bead suspension

Oligo(dT) latex-bead suspension

Starting Material

250 µg total RNA

1,000 µg total RNA

Fragment Size

50 b–20 kb

50 b–20 kb 

Typical Yield

10 µg mRNA

40 µg mRNA




Elution Volume

10–20 µl

10–20 µl

Preparation Time

30 min/6 preps

30 min/6 preps

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740656 NucleoTrap® mRNA Midi 12 Preps $477.00
740655 NucleoTrap® mRNA Mini 12 Preps $202.00



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