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Nucleic Acid Purification

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NucleoSpin RNA/Protein—Isolation and Purification of RNA & Protein from ONE Lysate

NucleoSpin RNA/Protein is a complete mini kit with recombinant DNase and shredders for rapid, high-yield isolation and purification of total RNA and protein from cells and tissue. This kit allows simultaneous isolation of RNA and protein from a single lysate in one working procedure, from a wide variety of starting materials. The simple, fast, and environmentally friendly column-based procedure does not use phenol, chloroform, or acetone.

This method is very useful for researchers interested in gene regulation mechanisms, such as knockdown of mRNA expression by siRNAs and its resulting influence on protein expression. Such studies are often complicated by small sample sizes and the need to use differing and often incompatible techniques to obtain RNA and protein. Dividing a sample into several parts for independent purification procedures is difficult especially for small samples (e.g., biopsy material). Moreover, the isolation of RNA and protein from different sample aliquots usually necessitates proof of sample equality because the analysis might be mistrusted if the experimental samples used for nucleic acid and protein purification are not absolutely identical. NucleoSpin RNA/Protein resolves these issues by accommodating small sample sizes and providing compatible techniques for RNA and protein isolation.

Samples are lysed by incubation in a buffer containing large amounts of chaotropic salts. This not only destroys the cell structure of the sample, but simultaneously inactivates enzymes such as RNases, phosphatases, and proteases, and thus prevents RNAs and proteins from being degraded. The buffer dissolves even sparingly soluble proteins virtually quantitatively, and at the same time creates appropriate binding conditions for RNA adsorption to the silica membrane of NucleoSpinRNA/Protein Columns. Thus, RNA and protein from the same sample can be separated by simply centrifuging the lysate through the NucleoSpin RNA/Protein spin column—the RNA is bound to the membrane while the protein is resolved in the column flowthrough.

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  • Complete mini kit with rDNase* and shredders
  • High-quality RNA suitable for downstream applications
  • High protein yield independent of protein size, localization, or modification
  • Simplifies transcriptional and translational gene expression profiling
  • Easy protein quantification with the Protein Quantification Assay

* The amount of DNA contamination is significantly reduced during on-column rDNase digestion. However, in very sensitive applications it might be possible to detect traces of DNA. The NucleoSpin RNA/Protein system is checked by the following procedure: One million HeLa cells are subjected to RNA isolation according to the protocol. RNA eluate is used as template for PCR detection of a 1 kb fragment in a 30 cycle reaction. Generally, no PCR fragment is obtained if the rDNase is applied. However, a strong PCR fragment is obtained if rDNase is omitted. The eventuality of DNA detection with PCR increases with:

  • The number of DNA copies per preparation:
    Single copy target < plastidial/ mitochondrial target < cells transfected with plasmid
  • Decreasing PCR amplicon size


  • Rapid isolation and purification of total RNA and protein from cultured cells and tissue
  • Gene expression profiling, siRNA experiments, analysis of transgenic organisms, and drug screening
  • Use for RT-PCR, 5' nuclease assays for probe-based qPCR, blotting, and microarrays, among others

Product Overview


Silica membrane


Mini spin columns

Starting Material

<5 x 106 cultured cells
<30 mg human/animal tissue
100 mg plant tissue

Total RNA

Total Protein

Fragment Size

200 bp–20 kb

15–200 kDa

Typical Yield

<70 µg

<1,200 µg



Does not apply

Elution Volume

40–100 µl

10–100 µl

Preparation Time

30 min/6 preps

35 min/6 preps

Starting Materials Successfully Used

  • In general: cultured cells, fresh tissue, frozen tissue, tissue in RNAlater, plants
  • In detail: cortex of kidney, medulla tissue, liver tissue, neonatal rat cardiomyocytes, macrophages, HeLa, HEK 293, MCF-7, D14 SJR, D05 GSM 1A, T47D, 293, U251, U373, HCT116, GaMG, VH6-TE, garden cress

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740933.50 NucleoSpin® RNA/Protein 50 Preps $356.00
740933.250 NucleoSpin® RNA/Protein 250 Preps $1,620.00



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