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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Universal kit for challenging plant and fungal samples—NucleoSpin RNA Plant and Fungi

Plant and fungal material is diverse in terms of structure, cell wall composition, biochemical compounds, and types of organs. Common products for isolating RNA from plant material usually work well with samples such as Arabidopsis leaves, but fail to efficiently purify RNA from challenging samples. The NucleoSpin RNA Plant and Fungi kit was developed to efficiently purify high-integrity RNA from samples rich in secondary metabolites, sugar, starch, or other compounds that interfere with common nucleic acid purification methods. The kit enables RNA isolation from diverse plant organs such as seeds, roots, stems, needles, and others. It can also be used for standard samples such as Arabidopsis leaves.

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  • Tailored protocols for diverse starting materials
  • Convenient handling and efficient isolation of high-integrity RNA
  • NucleoSpin RNA Plant and Fungi Filters for lysate clearing included


  • RNA isolation from plant and fungi
  • Typical downstream applications: real-time RT-PCR, Northern blotting, primer extension, array technology, RNase protection assays

* Kits to be used for research purposes only.

Product Overview

Technology Silica membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns
Starting material <500 mg plant/fungal material
Fragment size >200 nt
Typical yield 20–70 µg
A260/A280 1.9–2.1
A260/A230 ~2
Typical RIN (RNA integrity number) 7–9
Elution volume 50 µl
Preparation time 25 min/6 preps
Binding capacity 200 µg

New Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740120.10 NucleoSpin® RNA Plant and Fungi 10 Preps $67.00
740120.50 NucleoSpin® RNA Plant and Fungi 50 Preps $295.00



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