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Nucleic Acid Purification

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miRNA Isolation or Extraction From Plasma and Serum—NucleoSpin miRNA Plasma

Isolate small RNA and DNA from plasma and serum.


The NucleoSpin miRNA Plasma procedure is a simple and fast method to isolate small RNA >15 nt, such as micro RNA (miRNA), from serum or plasma. The DNA can be isolated as well or digested on-column to eliminate interference of miRNA genes with downstream applications.

This proven, efficient silica membrane-based procedure isolates total RNA and DNA from plasma without the need to resort to the cumbersome phenol/chloroform extraction or a time-consuming proteinase digest. The sample material is denatured in Lysis Buffer MLP. The protein is then precipitated by Protein Precipitation Buffer MPP and pelleted by centrifugation. After the removal of protein, the binding conditions for nucleic acids are adjusted by adding isopropanol, allowing small RNA and DNA to bind to the NucleoSpin miRNA Column. Optionally, DNA can be removed by an on-column rDNase digest. The remaining nucleic acids are washed and eluted with minimal amounts of RNase-free water.

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  • Efficient isolation of small RNA from plasma or serum samples
  • Superior recovery of small RNA > 15 nt
  • Optional on-column DNA digest for increased sensitivity in downstream applications


  • Isolation of small RNAs from plasma or serum for cancer research
  • Typical downstream applications: qRT-PCR, chip hybridizations

Product Overview

TechnologySilica membrane
FormatMini spin columns
Sample material 300 µl plasma or serum (up to 900 µl with multiple loading)
Fragment size<1,000 nt/bp
Elution volume20–50 µl
Preparation time40 min/10 preps (without rDNase digestion)
70 min/10 preps (with rDNase digestion)
Binding capacity200 µg

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740981.10 NucleoSpin® miRNA Plasma 10 Preps $74.00
740981.50 NucleoSpin® miRNA Plasma 50 Preps $295.00
740981.250 NucleoSpin® miRNA Plasma 250 Preps $1,278.00


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