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Nucleic Acid Purification

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NucleoBond PC 20—Plasmid Miniprep

NucleoBond PC 20 plasmid miniprep kits allow you to purify plasmid DNA in just a few hours without phenol/chloroform extraction. These kits can be used to purify high- and low-copy-number plasmids, cosmids, BACs, PACs, and YACs grown from bacterial cultures. The resulting plasmids are at least as pure as plasmids isolated by traditional cesium chloride procedures and can be used for the most demanding molecular biology applications, including mammalian transfection, in vitro transcription, and automated sequencing.

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  • Isolate highly pure plasmid DNA for transfection or sequencing
  • Rapid purification procedure using gravity flow
  • Clear lysates without centrifugation (filters provided with the kit)
  • Highly reproducible purification results


  • Transfecting sensitive cells
  • Sequencing
  • Cloning
  • PCR
  • Restriction analysis

Product Overview

Technology Anion exchange
Format Mini
Lysate Clarification Centrifugation
Starting Material 1–5 ml (high-copy-number)
3–10 ml (low-copy-number)
Vector Size <300 kb
Typical Yield 3–20 µg
A260/280 1.80–1.95
Preparation Time 60 min/4–6 preps

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740571 null 20 Preps $123.00
740571.100 null 100 Preps $492.00


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