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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Plasmid DNA Purification—Manual Processing 8-Well Strips—NucleoSpin 8 Plasmid

The NucleoSpin 8 Plasmid and NucleoSpin 8 Plasmid Core Kits are designed to purify up to 20 µg of high-copy plasmids from 1–5 ml E. coli overnight cultures (preferably grown in LB medium). The NucleoSpin Plasmid Binding Strips contain a unique silica membrane that binds DNA in the presence of chaotropic salt.

Bacteria are harvested in an initial centrifugation step. After resuspension of the pelleted bacteria and alkaline cell lysis, the crude bacterial lysates are cleared by centrifugation or loaded onto NucleoSpin Plasmid Filter Strips arranged on the NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold.

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  • Time-saving parallel isolation of plasmid DNA
  • Processing of up to 5 ml bacterial culture
  • NucleoSpin 8 Plasmid Filter Strips for convenient filtration of bacterial lysates included
  • Processing possible under vacuum
  • Innovative MN Wash Plate minimizes risk of cross-contamination
  • DNA is ready-to-use for PCR, Southern blotting, or any kind of enzymatic reaction


  • PCR
  • Southern blotting
  • Any kind of enzymatic reaction

Product Overview

NucleoSpin 8 Plasmid
NucleoSpin 8 Plasmid Core Kit


Silica membrane


8-well filter strips


Manual and automated, vacuum

Lysate Clarification

8-well filter strips

Starting Material

1–5 ml E. coli culture

Vector Size

<15 kb

Typical Yield

4–6 µg/ml E. coli culture



Elution Volume

75–150 µl

Preparation Time

45 min/6 strips

Binding Capacity

20 µg

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740621 NucleoSpin® 8 Plasmid 12 x 8 Preps $251.00
740621.5 NucleoSpin® 8 Plasmid 60 x 8 Preps $1,205.00
740461.4 NucleoSpin® 8 Plasmid Core Kit 48 x 8 Preps $691.00



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