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Nucleic Acid Purification

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BAC DNA Purification—NucleoBond Xtra BAC

NucleoBond Xtra BAC provides second-generation anion exchange for large-construct plasmid DNA. The high selectivity and specific characteristics of the optimized silica matrix make this anion exchange kit ideal for efficiently purifying very large constructs, such as P1, BACs, and PACs. For example, using the NucleoBond Xtra BAC kit, it takes just 75 min to isolate BAC DNA free of all types of RNA, proteins, metabolites, dyes, or carbohydrates. This kit completely removes impurities which can act as strong inhibitors for enzymatic processing, transfections, transcriptions, etc., even when present in small amounts.

LyseControl, a blue pH indicator reagent present in the lysis buffer used in the NucleoBond Xtra BAC procedure, ensures complete and efficient alkaline lysis, providing optimal yields. Upon addition of lysis buffer to the resuspended cells, the cell suspension turns blue. To avoid contamination with genomic DNA, the blue solution is gently inverted up to 5 times until a homogeneous and 100% colorless solution is achieved. After a 5 minute incubation, neutralization buffer is added and LyseControl turns colorless. Traces of blue LyseControl indicate insufficient mixing. Using LyseControl ensures sufficient mixing and complete neutralization, which are necessary to renature plasmid DNA, precipitate proteins/gDNA, and remove SDS, which inhibits plasmid binding. For more details on LyseControl, please check the "LyseControl Information" PDF under the Documents tab.

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  • Optimized column design—complete one prep in approximately 75 min
  • Column filter included—allows parallel lysate clearing and loading onto the column
  • Optimized silica matrix—yields up to 150 μg of purified large-construct plasmid DNA
  • Transfection-grade plasmid DNA—obtained using proven anion exchange technology
  • LyseControl—visually confirms completion of lysis/neutralization, maximizing yield


  • Purification of P1, BACs, PACs, and other large constructs from E. coli
  • Typical downstream applications: cloning, PCR, restriction analysis, sequencing, and transfection

Product Overview

TechnologyAnion exchange
FormatGravity flow columns
Lysate ClarificationColumn filters
Starting Material 250–750 ml
Vector Size<300 kb
Typical Yield10–100 µg
Isopropanol PrecipitationCentrifugation
Preparation Time75 min/prep
Binding Capacity150 µg

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740436.10 NucleoBond® Xtra BAC 10 Preps $271.00
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