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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Purification of Viral RNA and DNA—NucleoSpin RNA Virus & RNA Virus F

NucleoSpin RNA Virus is designed for the isolation of viral nucleic acids from serum, plasma, or any cell-free biological fluids. The kit features a special type of membrane which has a high binding capacity for viral RNA or viral DNA. The procedure is rapid and easy. The lysate is incubated for 5–10 min and applied to the NucleoSpin column. After two washing steps to remove contaminants, the viral RNA or viral DNA can be eluted with water or low-salt buffer. The kit contains all necessary buffers, spin columns, and detailed protocols.

Generally, NucleoSpin RNA Virus is suited for the simultaneous purification of viral RNA and DNA (support protocol). For example, isolation of HBV DNA is performed with an additional Proteinase K digest (enzyme not included in the kit). For isolation of viral DNA with the highest sensitivities, the NucleoSpin Blood kit is recommended.

NucleoSpin RNA Virus F is designed for the processing of larger volumes of starting material, avoiding successive loadings and decreasing the risk of cross-contamination. The funnel column of the kit allows handling of up to 1 ml serum or plasma with only one loading step. Due to the small diameter of the membrane, the elution volume is still between 50–100 µl, resulting in a highly concentrated sample directly suitable for any amplification process. The funnel column can be centrifuged in a 50 ml polyethylene tube (included in the kit) and can be closed separately. Elution tubes are fitted directly onto the funnel column. Cross contamination is eliminated because all steps are performed in a closed system. Eight or twelve samples (depending on the centrifuge rotor used) can be processed in 30 minutes.

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  • Purify viral RNA and DNA from serum, plasma, or cell-free biological fluids
  • Small elution volume—50 µl
  • Works for a wide variety of viruses including
    • HCV
    • HIV
    • HPV
    • Bird Flu virus
    • Blue Tongue virus
  • Carrier RNA is included, for the highest sensitivity in downstream applications


  • Isolate viral RNA from HCV, HBV, HAV, HIV, HPV, HSV, VZV, EBV, parvovirus B19, and H5N1
  • Obtain purified RNA suitable for RT-PCR and enzymatic reactions

Product Overview

NucleoSpin RNA Virus

NucleoSpin RNA Virus F


Silica membrane

Silica membrane


Mini spin columns

Funnel columns

Starting Material

150 µl

1 ml

Fragment Size

100 bp–30 kb

100 bp–30 kb

Typical Recovery



Elution Volume

50 µl

50–100 µl

Preparation Time

30 min/4–6 preps

45 min/2–4 preps

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740956.10 NucleoSpin® RNA Virus 10 Preps $42.00
740956.50 NucleoSpin® RNA Virus 50 Preps $187.00
740956.250 NucleoSpin® RNA Virus 250 Preps $804.00
740958 NucleoSpin® RNA Virus F 25 Preps $273.00



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