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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Isolation of Genomic DNA from Tissue—NucleoSpin Tissue XS & NucleoSpin Tissue

The NucleoSpin Tissue kits are designed for the rapid purification of highly pure genomic DNA from tissue samples, mouse tails, bacteria, yeast, and forensic samples (hair, dried blood spots, buccal swabs, and cigarette stubs) and Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples using mini spin columns. Up to 35 µg of high-purity genomic DNA can be prepared (typical yields from tissue or cells: 15–25 µg). The obtained DNA can be used directly for PCR, Southern blotting, or any kind of enzymatic reaction.

With the NucleoSpin Tissue method, lysis is achieved by incubation of the samples in a solution containing SDS and proteinase K at 56°C. Appropriate conditions for binding of DNA to the silica membrane of the NucleoSpin Tissue Columns are created by addition of large amounts of chaotropic ions and ethanol to the lysate. The binding process is reversible and specific to nucleic acids. Contaminants are removed by efficient washing with buffer. Pure genomic DNA is eluted under low ionic strength conditions in a slightly alkaline elution buffer, and is ready to use for subsequent reactions.

Genomic DNA Isolation from Extremely Small Tissue Samples

The NucleoSpin Tissue XS kits are designed to provide maximum recovery and concentration of highly pure genomic DNA from Xtra Small (extremely dilute and low-volume) tissue samples—such as microdissected tissue, biopsies (e.g., fine needle aspiration), dried blood spots, buccal swabs, forensic samples, FFPE samples, and other small samples. NucleoSpin Tissue XS overcomes the limitations of conventional kits with an innovative column that is optimized for very small samples, allowing efficient elution in only 5–30 µl and resulting in highly concentrated DNA.

The NucleoSpin Tissue XS Column contains a funnel-shaped thrust ring which holds a silica membrane of small diameter, allowing the accurate dispensing of small volumes on the membrane. NucleoSpin Tissue XS allows isolation of genomic DNA from samples as small as 0.025–10 mg of microdissected tissue, as little as 1–30 µl fresh, frozen or stabilized blood, and as few as 10–10,000 cells. The isolated DNA is free of impurities and suitable for sensitive downstream applications.

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NucleoSpin Tissue XS

  • High sensitivity for DNA isolation from small sample amounts
  • Elution in only 5 µl, resulting in concentrated DNA
  • Reliable DNA purification for reproducible results

NucleoSpin Tissue

  • High sensitivity
  • Reliable DNA purification for reproducible results
  • More than 16 support protocols included in the user manual for the greatest flexibility
  • Highest safety: spin columns can be closed—no cross-contamination
  • Cat. No. 740952.240C is designed for use with the QIAcube only


NucleoSpin Tissue XS

  • DNA isolation from tissue (e.g. mouse kidney, laser micro-dissections)
  • DNA isolation from cells (e.g. bacteria, yeast, cultured cells)
  • DNA isolation from forensic samples (e.g. dried blood spots, buccal swabs)
  • DNA isolation from FFPE tissue
  • Obtained DNA is suitable for sensitive applications:
    • Multiplex PCR
    • Real Time PCR

NucleoSpin Tissue

  • DNA from tissue (e.g. mouse tails)
  • DNA from cells (e.g. cultured human or animal cells, bacteria, yeast)
  • DNA from forensic samples (e.g. dried blood spots, hair, buccal swabs, cigarette stubs)
  • DNA from FFPE tissue
  • DNA from blood sample storage cards (e.g. NucleoSave)
  • Obtained DNA suitable for:
    • Multiplex PCR
    • Southern blotting
    • Enzymatic reactions

Product Overview

NucleoSpin Tissue XS

NucleoSpin Tissue


Silica membrane

Silica membrane


XS spin columns

Mini spin columns

Starting Material

Tissue samples: 0.025–10 mg
Blood samples: 1–30 µl, fresh or frozen
Cultured cells: 10–10,000
FFPE tissue: 0.001–10 mg

1–25 mg tissue
102–107 cultured cells

Fragment Size

200 bp – >30 kb

200 bp – >30 kb

Typical Yield

100 HeLa cells: 0.1–0.5 ng
1,000 HeLa cells: 1–5 ng
10,000 HeLa cells: 10–50 ng
0.025 mg mouse liver: 20–100 ng
0.25 mg mouse liver: 200–1,000 ng
2.5 mg mouse liver: 600–3,000 ng

20–35 µg




Elution Volume

5–30 µl

60–100 µl

Preparation Time

~40 min/prep (excl. lysis)

~20 min/prep (excl. lysis)

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740952.250 NucleoSpin® Tissue 250 Preps $565.00
740952.50 NucleoSpin® Tissue 50 Preps $131.00
740952.240C NucleoSpin® Tissue 240 Preps $565.00
740901.50 NucleoSpin® Tissue XS 50 Preps $192.00
740901.250 NucleoSpin® Tissue XS 250 Preps $893.00



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