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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Isolation of Genomic DNA from Plant using Magnetic Beads—NucleoMag 96 Plant

NucleoMag 96 Plant is designed for the rapid parallel purification of genomic DNA from plant tissues in a 96-well format. After lysis of the sample, genomic DNA is selectively bound to the NucleoMag Beads. Contaminants are washed away and the DNA can be eluted from the beads under low-salt conditions. Since the magnetic bead technology provides a closed system (no transfer of sample from one well to another is necessary during the preparation), the risk of cross-contamination is greatly reduced. NucleoMag technology can be easily adapted to common laboratory automation platforms. It can be used either with static-pin separators (e.g., NucleoMag SEP) or magnetic separators integrated into robotic workstations.

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  • One-tube procedure minimizes risk of cross-contamination
  • Small elution volumes (>50 µl) are possible
  • Yield does not depend on elution volume
  • Easily adapted to automated use


  • Manual or automated isolation of DNA from plant tissue
  • Isolated DNA can be used for PCR, Southern blotting, any kind of enzymatic reaction

Product Overview

Technology Magnetic bead technology
Format Highly reactive superparamagnetic beads
(size of beads: 1–3 µm)
Processing Manual or automated
Starting Material 20–50 mg plant tissue
Fragment Size 300 bp–>30 kb
Typical Yield 10–20 µg
A260/280 >1.6–1.9
Elution Volume >50 µl
Preparation Time <120 min/96 preps (manual use)
Binding Capacity 0.4 µg/1 µl beads

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
744400.1 NucleoMag® 96 Plant 1 x 96 Preps $187.00
744400.4 NucleoMag® 96 Plant 4 x 96 Preps $701.00
744400.24 NucleoMag® 96 Plant 24 x 96 Preps $3,955.00



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