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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Isolation of Genomic DNA from Forensic Samples—NucleoSpin DNA Trace

NucleoSpin DNA Trace is designed for the preparation of highly pure genomic DNA from small amounts of any tissue, cell, or forensic sample. The NucleoSpin Funnel Columns (NucleoSpin DNA Trace F Columns) included in the kit are ideally suited for collecting traces of nucleic acids from large volumes. The optimized shape of the NucleoSpin Funnel Column allows the combination of a large volume capacity and a small binding membrane diameter. The DNA isolated by NucleoSpin DNA Trace is ready to use for common downstream applications such as PCR, real-time PCR, or other enzymatic reactions.

The small diameter of the silica membrane allows elution volumes as low as 50 to 100 µl (of low-salt buffer or water), leading to highly enriched samples. 8 to 12 NucleoSpin Funnel Columns can be processed in parallel, depending on the centrifuge rotor used. The risk of cross-contamination is eliminated by placing the funnel columns into 50 ml polyethylene tubes which can be closed with screw caps, resulting in self-contained systems. For elution, 0.5 ml elution tubes are fitted directly to the outlet of the funnel columns (collection tubes and elution tubes are provided with the kit).

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740942.4 NucleoSpin® DNA Trace 4 Preps $106.00
740942.25 NucleoSpin® DNA Trace 25 Preps $459.00



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