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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Isolation of Genomic DNA from Food & Feed—NucleoSpin 8/96 Food

The NucleoSpin 8/96 Food Kits allow you to quickly isolate genomic DNA from many types of processed food or animal feed of plant or animal origin in a high-throughput format. Food samples are highly heterogeneous and contain many different compounds such as fats and polysaccharides. These characteristics make DNA extraction more difficult. The NucleoSpin 8/96 Food protocol guarantees good recovery rates for small genomic DNA fragments from food. We have optimized the lysis buffer and purification process to extract DNA from a variety of food products. The purified DNA is ready to use for all types of subsequent detection methods, especially as a template for PCR. Isolation of genomic DNA from food products assists in detecting and identifying contamination, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or individual plant or animal species.

The NucleoSpin Food Kit allows you to process up to 200 mg of homogenized material using manual or automated methods, via vacuum or centrifugation. The silica membrane spin technology has been optimized for high DNA recoveries and low binding of impurities, so the kit generates pure, ready-to-use DNA from any type of food.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
740975 NucleoSpin® 8 Food 12 x 8 Preps $325.00
740975.5 NucleoSpin® 8 Food 60 x 8 Preps $1,369.00
740976.2 NucleoSpin® 96 Food 2 x 96 Preps $552.00
740976.4 NucleoSpin® 96 Food 4 x 96 Preps $1,023.00
740976.24 NucleoSpin® 96 Food 24 x 96 Preps $5,351.00



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