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Nucleic Acid Purification

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BondEX Ethidium Bromide & SYBR Green Detoxification Cartridges

BondEX Ethidium Bromide Detoxification Cartridges safely remove ethidium bromide as well as SYBR® Green from electrophoresis buffers or other aqueous solutions. BondEX cartridges effectively process liquid EtBr waste so that electrophoresis buffers can be poured down the drain safely, without contaminating the environment. BondEX uses a solid phase extraction matrix packed in easy-to-use polypropylene cartridges. The matrix is designed to decontaminate dilute EtBr solutions such as electrophoresis buffers (0.5–1 µg of EtBr/ml) or more concentrated aqueous solutions (~1 mg of EtBr/ml).

BondEX Cartridges are available in the maxi size, which bind up to 50 mg of EtBr (50–100 L of electrophoresis buffer). Cartridges can be reused until the matrix reaches saturation, indicated by a white-to-red color change in the indicator zone at the bottom of the cartridge.

First-time users should purchase the Starter Kit, which contains two cartridges and several accessories, including funnels, for trouble-free processing, and folded filters for removing traces of agarose.

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  • Remove up to 50 mg of ethidium bromide or SYBR Green from solutions
  • Easy-to-use, gravity-flow cartridges
  • Environmentally friendly and economical


  • Decontamination of solutions containing fluorescent staining agents EtBr or SYBR Green


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