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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Desalting and concentration of plasmid DNA preps—NucleoSnap Finisher Midi/Maxi

Eluates from anion exchange plasmid preparations (such as NucleoBond midipreps and maxipreps) contain high salt concentrations. Macherey-Nagel has developed a new vacuum-driven accessory, the NucleoSnap Finisher Midi/Maxi kits, that allow you to desalt and concentrate plasmid DNA in a few minutes without any loss of yield or quality. These kits are the fastest way to desalt and concentrate DNA after your NucleoBond plasmid DNA preps. NucleoSnap Finisher Midi/Maxi kits supersede the commonly used and time-consuming isopropanol precipitation and centrifugation steps by allowing rapid DNA precipitation and concentration of large volumes under vacuum.


DNA is precipitated by Precipitation Buffer FB and filtered through the specially designed matrix of the novel NucleoSnap Finisher Columns, followed by a washing step with ethanolic Wash Buffer A4 to remove salts and impurities.

To enable the use of a tabletop centrifuge, the NucleoSnap Finisher Column consists of an upper funnel component that can be separated from the lower mini spin column component by simply snapping off the funnel component. Then the mini spin column can be centrifuged in a standard tabletop centrifuge to remove residual ethanol.

Afterward, plasmid DNA can be eluted in the supplied endotoxin-free H2O-EF. The applied elution volume can be adjusted from 100 μl to 1.5 ml according to the expected amount of plasmid DNA, in order to ensure an optimal yield and concentration.

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  • No time-consuming isopropanol precipitation
  • New column design (snap-off column) for vacuum processing of large sample volumes
  • Process 12 samples in less than 10 minutes
  • 100% plasmid DNA recovery


  • Quick concentration and desalination of plasmid and cosmid DNA eluates obtained by anion exchange chromatography
  • Typical downstream applications: transfection, in vitro transcription, automated or manual sequencing, cloning, hybridization, and PCR

Product Overview

Technology Silica membrane technology
Processing Vacuum processing (e.g., using the
NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold),
or elution by centrifugation
Format Snap-off column
Compatibility Eluates from NucleoBond preparations: 
Xtra Midi (EF), Xtra Maxi (EF), PC 20,
PC, 100, PC 500 (EF)
Starting Material DNA eluates from
anion exchange purification kits
Vector Size <25 kb
Typical Recovery 90–100%
Elution Volume ≥100 µl
Preparation Time <10 min/12 preps
Binding Capacity 1.5 mg

New Offers Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
  740434.50 NucleoSnap Finisher Midi 50 Preps $202.00
  740435.50 NucleoSnap Finisher Maxi 50 Preps $236.00
  740434.10 NucleoSnap® Finisher Midi 10 Preps $44.00
  740435.10 NucleoSnap® Finisher Maxi 10 Preps $51.00



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