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Nucleic Acid Purification

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Preparation of cleared forensic sample lysates—NucleoSpin Forensic Filters

NucleoSpin Forensic Filters are the simplest and cleanest solution for lysis incubation and post-lysis separation of lysates from solid sample carriers. The carriers are transferred to the NucleoSpin Forensic Filters and incubated with your choice of lysis buffer. The total volume should not exceed 800 µl. After incubation, the NucleoSpin Forensic Filters are centrifuged for at least 1 min to release the lysates into the provided 2-ml collection tubes with a lid. The baskets containing the solid sample carrier can be discarded. The lysate flowthrough can be used for further analysis or stored. These filters make it possible to avoid manual transfer of sample carriers into or out of the lysis buffer, minimizing the risks of cross-contamination or loss of lysate.



  • Lysis and separation in one tube—no sample transfer, no extra pipetting steps
  • Special filter design—absolutely leak-proof and compatible with all typical lysis buffers
  • Complete DNA recovery and maximum process reliability—no DNA loss
  • No cross-contamination due to collection tube with a lid
  • Ethylene oxide-treated—free of amplifiable DNA


  • Sample preparation of forensic samples such as swabs, denim, or cigarette butts

* Kits to be used for research purposes only.

Product Overview

Technology Special semipermeable baskets
Format Mini spin columns
Starting material Swabs, denim, cigarette butts
Maximum volume capacity 800 µl
Forensic quality Ethylene oxide-treated

New Cat. # Product Size Price Units Select
740988.50 NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters 50 Preps $52.00
740988.250 NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters 250 Preps $253.00



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